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Afghanistan - of course it was about oil

by Bevan Ramsden

The Afghanistan war disaster raises questions about the ANZUS treaty and what we were really fighting for.

US Afghanistan Debacle.jpg - 42.84 KBThe Afghanistan war was an unmitigated disaster, costly to the people of Afghanistan in lives lost and civil infrastructure destroyed. Australia’s involvement in this disaster was “justified “by invoking the ANZUS treaty. This alliance has drawn Australia into the Vietnam war, the Iraq war, the war in Syria and the Afghanistan war. Australia was not threated in any way by these countries. Isn’t it time to question whether this U.S. alliance is necessary for our peace and security or is it in fact working against it?

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Spirit of Eureka Statement on Afghanistan

Logo_Transparent.png - 1.05 MBSpirit of Eureka welcomes the withdrawal of US military forces from Afghanistan.  It is a testament to the heroic Afghani people’s historically long resistance to colonial and imperialist invasions, occupations and exploitation. The determination of many Afghani people fighting for justice, the rights of women, peace and genuine independence and democracy will continue.

The scale of the US military retreat in Afghanistan is not clear as yet. What is clear to the world is that US, the world’s leading and most aggressive super power, could not subjugate/conquer the Afghani people to imperialist control. No doubt the US military withdrawal has been forced on the US by a stalemate with guerrilla insurgencies and corrupt, widely unpopular and ineffectual puppet government installed by the US.  The military retreat is also likely a strategic repositioning of US policies and plans from its original pretext for invasion and occupation as “war on terrorism” to consolidating and preparing its forces for a war with China and Russia.  The recent rapprochements and political and economic deals between Russia, China and the Taliban are undoubtedly a setback for the US in terms of inter-imperial rivalry.

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A review of the IPAN People’s Inquiry into the costs and consequences of Australia’s involvement in U.S.-led wars and the alliance and alternatives

Recently Bevan Ramsden from IPAN did a radio interview with CICD’s Alternative News broadcast on Radio 3CR reviewing IPAN's (Independent and Peaceful Australia Network) People's Inquiry. This post contains both the text and audio files of this interview.

Audio: Review of IPAN's People's Inquiry

IPAN_Inquiry_B.png - 82.45 KBANDREW: My name’s Andrew and I have with me Bevan Ramsden. We’re from IPAN, the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network. In today’s CICD Alternative News we discuss IPAN’s People’s Inquiry into the costs and consequences of Australia’s involvement in U.S. -led wars and consider alternatives to the U.S-Australia military alliance.

Bevan, why did IPAN decide to initiate this People’s Inquiry?

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An open letter to the NSW and Federal Governments

Genuine community engagement is key to controlling Covid

Covid graphic_NSW.jpg - 59.74 KBPeople need answers. Even with government payments, more and more people live from day to day, choosing between food, medicines or paying rent, while others face Covid-unsafe workplaces. Renters face evictions. Mortgages crush home owners or deepen debts. People living alone or in crowded apartments suffer severe stress. Young people are isolated. Small, medium and quite big businesses crumble and many won’t reopen. Problems flow on to country and regional NSW and interstate. Crops, vegetables and fruit go unpicked. Why? Haven’t supermarkets made enough to pay family farmers more, so they can attract workers with liveable wages and conditions?

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US-Led Talisman Sabre Military Exercises, 2021: North Torbians and 'The Enemy Within'

by Richard Stone

Locals watch U.S. Marines_Kings Beach.jpg - 97.05 KBThe 2021 US-led Talisman Sabre military exercises have revealed some fascinating insights into the changing balance of forces taking place in the Indo-Pacific region.

Military incursions into make-believe islands together with liaison with local civil and emergency service provision leave little to the imagination about the state of mind of US-led military planners based in the Pentagon.

The whole Talisman Sabre military exercises also highlighted the centrality of Australia for US-led regional defence and security provision.

The rise of China has had a dramatic impact upon the Indo-Pacific; the serious challenge to US traditional hegemonic regional positions was a played-out with the US-led Talisman Sabre 2021 military exercises during July and August. After dislodging Japan as the world's biggest economy, China has continued to advance and may well eclipse the US position later this decade or in the early 2030s.

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