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TAIWAN - “Don’t mention the other wars!”

by Humphrey McQueen

The China and Taiwan issue has aroused much debate and controversy. In the West, there have been plenty of accusations against China, in particular being undemocratic. However, the West is no clean skin and is itself guilty of deception, double standards, misrepresentation, and interference. Spirit of Eureka asked Humphrey McQueen to provide background information and a timeline surrounding the events of Taiwan's forced separation from China.

China and foreign devils

China TaiwanThirty years ago this May, the Taiwan regime ended its state of war with the Red Bandits ruling on the mainland since 1949. Ever since the Kuo Min Tung (KMT) escaped to Taiwan, the Western media have headlined threats of a Red Horde crossing the Taiwan Strait. How often are we reminded of aggressions in the other direction? Nor do we hear much about the place of Taiwan in 400 years of imperialist aggression towards China.

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Biden’s foreign policy may be offering more of the same

by Stephen Darley

There are reasons why those who were hoping for reparations of U.S. foreign policy under Joe Biden's administration may be disappointed.

BidenMUCH OF THE AUSTRALIAN MEDIA is uncritically reporting a line consistently followed by the “liberal” mass-media in the U.S. – that President Joe Biden's administration will be substantially, even radically different in both foreign and domestic policy to former President Donald Trump's.

Biden's foreign policy would be different in form, no doubt less erratic and eccentric, though even that is mainly attributed to Trump's character rather than structural issues. That includes Trump's inconsistent protectionism and desire to withdraw from (some) foreign wars, in line with his election promises, butting heads with the dominant agenda of U.S. ruling elites, political and economic.

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Support the Tumandok People's Protest


                               SYDNEY PROTEST               MELBOURNE PROTEST

                                       MONDAY FEB 8, 12.30PM            MONDAY FEB 8, 12 NOON

                               outside Sth Korean Consulate          outside Philippine Consulate              

                                    44 Market St, Sydney                    257 Collins St, Melbourne

On December 30, 2020, at around 4am-5am, 9 Tumandok Indigenoous leaders were first tortured and then shot dead in their homes, and another 16 were arrested in a joint police and military operation in the villages of Tapaz, Capiz and Calinog on Panay Island, in the central part of the Philippines. Some were over 70 years old.

Today on Panay, the families and friends of the victims are marking the 40th day since their deaths. Our protest today is an act of solidarity with these communities.

According to the families of those killed, the victims were sleeping and unarmed when the police and military raided their homes. Most were members of TAMUNDOK an alliance of 17 villages opposed to the construction of the Jalaur Mega dam.

The 16 arrested - 10 men and 6 women - were taken from their homes, where firearms and explosives were planted. They were then charged with these non-bailable offences.

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Cowardly History: Australia Day and Invasion

by Binoy Kampmark

Australia Day 2021It’s the sort of stuff that should have been sorted years ago in Australia: a murderous, frontier society ill disposed to the indigenous populace; the creation of a convict colony that was itself an act of invasion rather than settlement; the theft of land and its rapacious plunder.   

Even some of the rough colonists were not oblivious to such a crude record.  Henry Parkes, in planning the Centenary celebrations as New South Wales premier in 1888, was asked by a fellow politician what he would be doing for the poor and needy for the occasion.  Wealthy landed citizens had been promised a banquet of much quaffing and gorging.  As a gesture, Parkes considered the distribution of food parcels.  “Then we ought to do something for the Aborigines,” came the response.  The answer from the premier was coldly revealing: “And remind them that we have robbed them?”

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Morrison’s ancestors’ land theft

by John G  (This article was originally published by Vanguard on January 26, 2021.)

Frontier Wars Anzac Day Protest Canberra“It’s all about acknowledging how far we’ve come. You know, when those 12 ships turned up in Sydney, all those years ago, it wasn’t a particularly flash day for the people on those vessels either”.

(Scott Morrison referring to Australia Day, Gladstone Qld, The New Daily, 21 Jan 2021)

It ”wasn’t a great day for my fifth great-grandfather, William Roberts” Morrison revealed  to The Guardian while also revealing in the Second Fleet, on the Neptune, was Kezia Brown, a gardeners' labourer convicted of stealing clothing who would become Mr Morrison's fifth-great-grandmother.

(Scott Morrison, National flag-raising and citizenship ceremony, Canberra, per The Guardian 26 January 2019)

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