Rally to support Bernard Collaery

Assemble at 8.30am, Thursday 16 December, 2021, at the ACT Courts, Knowles Pl, Canberra City.

 From Alliance Against Political Prosecutions

Bernard Collaery.jpg - 17.42 KBBernard Collaery was in the Supreme Court on 17 November in relation to subpoenas and Judge Mossop’s decision regarding the Appeal court’s remitting of matters back to him.  The interminable to and fro continues.  But AG Cash’s recent decision to try and bring new secret evidence, not even to be shown to Bernard, is a new low in the government’s behaviour. The Attorney General is also trying to keep the Appeal Court’s reasoning for its recent decision secret. This is outrageous and reflects the state of the law in Australia now! It’s no wonder that retired judge Stephen Charles, a Director at the Centre for Public Integrity, describes this prosecution as ‘one of mendacity, duplicity, fraud, criminal behaviour, invasions of legal professional privilege, contempt of court, denial of a fair trial and failure to act as a model litigant’.  Harsh words indeed, but for us out in laypersons land we say they are fully deserved.

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No AUKUS No Nuke Subs No War - join National Days of Actions

Weekend of 9-11 December

11 December Vic AUKUS rally_A.jpg - 66.20 KB


Thurs 9 December, Wollongong, Dharawal Nation, 6.30pm, 6-8 Wentworth St Port Kembla

Fri 10 December, Meanjin/Brisbane, 4pm, Reddacliff Place

Fri 10 December, Naarm/Melbourne, 5.15pm, State Library 328 Swanston street

Fri 10 December, Ngunnawal/Canberra

Sat 11 December, Naarm/Melbourne, 1pm, State Library 328 Swanston street

Sat 11 December, Gadigal/Sydney, 12 noon Town Hall

Sat 11 December, Kaurna/Adelaide, Parliament steps, 2pm, North Terrace

Sat 11 December, Noongar/Perth

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Lying in Public Life: The Aussie Scott Morrison “Climate Change Model”

by Binoy Kampmark

Morrison_COP26.jpg - 6.82 KBHe has some gall.  Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison, a person who finds the truth a creature best beaten, shunned and ignored, is now moving into what looks like campaign mode.  At COP26 in Glasgow, he sold the world a climate change model that kept company with countries where fumes linger stubbornly, and the fossil fuels burn bravely.  He made sure to do it the “Australian Way”, ensuring that emission reduction targets would not so much be met as thoroughly “beaten” without the need for taxes.  He spoke of technology unproven and made assumptions unfounded.

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The Spirit of Eureka Committee was established in the lead up to the 150th anniversary of the Eureka Stockade in 2004, to give a strong and united voice to the current struggles of Australia’s working people.

The Spirit of Eureka draws on the continuity and relevance of this important event in the history of Australia to present day endeavours and struggles for justice, democracy and sovereignty.

The Eureka rebellion laid the foundations for Australia’s continuing social, industrial and political struggles. It was advanced for its time and represents an important fighting tradition that continues to inspire our fight today.


Eureka Day

Eureka Day Eureka Day
Past Eureka Day anniversary commemorations organised by the Spirit of Eureka                     Melb Eureka Dinner 2018        Melb Eureka Dinner 2019        Melb Eureka...

Our Mining Tax Petition

Our Mining Tax Petition Our Mining Tax Petition
Take Action: sign our petition calling for an increase to the Minerals Rent Resource Tax. Australia is a country rich in natural resources. This sovereign...

Spirit of Eureka Award

Spirit of Eureka Award Spirit of Eureka Award

The 2019 and Inaugural Spirit of Eureka Award is open for nominations.

The Award will recognise someone who, in the spirit of the Eureka rebels, has demonstrated an outstanding and ongoing...

Charter of Rights

Charter of Rights
We pay tribute to Australia’s Indigenous people in recognition of their struggles since British colonization in 1788. OUR VISION: The Spirit of Eureka Committee actively seeks to promote a vision and...

To whom does the Eureka Flag belong, and why?

The article below was a presentation given to the executive of SA Unions. The executive endorsed the historical analysis and sentiments about the significance of the Eureka flag and the unfortunate misrepresentations of it by racists organisations.

Carboni Eureka bannerComrades,

I raised the matter of the Eureka flag at SA Unions Executive and believe we need to be able to answer the questions above.  A number of unions use the flag or have incorporated it in their logos and messaging, but it has also been associated with right-wing racists.

I am prompted to write this following the anti-racist rally at Parliament House on July 18.

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Driving Disunity Now a Free Book

When Lindy Nolan's 'Driving Disunity: The Business Council versus Aboriginal Community' was published in 2017, it lifted the lid on a network of corporate influence and control of First People's organisations and individuals. As publisher, Spirit of Eureka is pleased to republish this copy without charge. It may be quoted or shared, as long as the source is credited.

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