Adjusting Australia’s relationship within the alliance for an independent defence and independent foreign policy

by Bevan Ramsden

The president of the United States in his First Inaugural Address in March 4, 1801 said:

“…peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none”.

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Unfortunately, his country did not heed his words. Australia also has not heeded those words and is entangled in an alliance with a country that ex PM Malcolm Fraser said is a dangerous ally. He also said, in his book, “Dangerous Allies” that Australia had become a subservient partner in that alliance believing it desperately needs the military protection of this big power ally and is prepared to follow that ally into overseas illegal and morally unjustifiable wars to maintain that protection. An alternative independent defence policy for Australia would refute that position. And in establishing an independent foreign policy and an independent self- defence force, the alliance with the United States would need to be managed and adjustments made. That includes  Australia acting independently in pursuit of the best interests of its people where that becomes necessary.

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AUKUS speech by Philippine Caucus for Peace Melbourne

11 Dec 2021

By Gb Kotsakis

Philippine Caucus for Peace.jpg - 4.41 KBGood Afternoon. First, let me acknowledge the traditional owner of this land, the Wurrringeri people of the Kulin Nation. I pay my respect to past, present and emerging elders. I parallel their struggles with the Philippine indigenous peoples' struggle for the land that has been taken and is still being taken from them.

I agree with the previous speakers that have expounded and deliberated on the AUKUS debate on how they impact the growing malice, the incessant Australian longing for supremacy in the Asia Pacific. Its build-up of military capabilities,  especially nuclear-powered submarines, affects the region. Australia's action of breaking a contract with France, engaging with the US to supply nuclear-powered submarines brokered by the Brits run smack of unethical activity by this government. Australia, from history, has been a lapdog of the US. Its extended running support for the US wars and interventions only proves that Australia has never been a staunch believer of herself. Australia declared that the latest Afghan exercise was successful. It has not mattered whether a victory for democracy was done; instead, Australia has given its fair contribution to the effort required by the US.

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Aukus Speech by by the Melbourne Unitarians

This speech was given by a representative of the Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church

Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church.png - 21.89 KBThe Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church has a proud history of promoting peace, opposing war, seeking the truth and serving humanity. This church was one of the cornerstones of the great peace movement that brought an end to our involvement in the immoral Vietnam War. We now join for an urgent discussion to form a new and powerful alliance of all peace-loving organisations and individuals to stand against the current move to war.

Daily we witness the insidious growth in anti-China rhetoric preparing people for war. It isn’t new, nor is it unprecedented. It follows a clear pattern that has been used for every war since World War Two, including Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan. It is a blatant mixture of propaganda: if we don’t stop them our democracy will be endangered; we must restore democracy over there; the domino theory; Western superiority.

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The Spirit of Eureka Committee was established in the lead up to the 150th anniversary of the Eureka Stockade in 2004, to give a strong and united voice to the current struggles of Australia’s working people.

The Spirit of Eureka draws on the continuity and relevance of this important event in the history of Australia to present day endeavours and struggles for justice, democracy and sovereignty.

The Eureka rebellion laid the foundations for Australia’s continuing social, industrial and political struggles. It was advanced for its time and represents an important fighting tradition that continues to inspire our fight today.


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Our Mining Tax Petition Our Mining Tax Petition
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Spirit of Eureka Award

Spirit of Eureka Award Spirit of Eureka Award

The 2019 and Inaugural Spirit of Eureka Award is open for nominations.

The Award will recognise someone who, in the spirit of the Eureka rebels, has demonstrated an outstanding and ongoing...

Charter of Rights

Charter of Rights
Spirit of Eureka Charter: Our vision for an independent Australia We pay tribute to Australia’s Indigenous people in recognition of their struggles for sovereignty since British colonization in 1788. We...

To whom does the Eureka Flag belong, and why?

The article below was a presentation given to the executive of SA Unions. The executive endorsed the historical analysis and sentiments about the significance of the Eureka flag and the unfortunate misrepresentations of it by racists organisations.

Carboni Eureka bannerComrades,

I raised the matter of the Eureka flag at SA Unions Executive and believe we need to be able to answer the questions above.  A number of unions use the flag or have incorporated it in their logos and messaging, but it has also been associated with right-wing racists.

I am prompted to write this following the anti-racist rally at Parliament House on July 18.

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Driving Disunity Now a Free Book

When Lindy Nolan's 'Driving Disunity: The Business Council versus Aboriginal Community' was published in 2017, it lifted the lid on a network of corporate influence and control of First People's organisations and individuals. As publisher, Spirit of Eureka is pleased to republish this copy without charge. It may be quoted or shared, as long as the source is credited.

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