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IPAN Victoria Rally for Peace! Berlin Guerrero

End Australia's Involvement in US-led wars; No war with China

The (In)significance of July 4 for the Filipino People

Berlin was the speaker from the Filipino Delegation and who is the Chairperson, Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) Australia

Berlin_G.jpg - 42.19 KBJuly 4, 1946 marked the day of the sham Declaration of Independence of the Philippines from the United States of America. It is a nominal independence. Sovereignty in name only. A bogus freedom because the Philippines continue to be a neo-colony of the United States until now.

The Philippines was a colony of Spain for 400 years beginning in the 1500’s until the turn of the 19th century. Patriotic Filipinos launched an armed revolution against Spain and became victorious to the point of establishing a Republic. But this victory was cut in the bud by the coming of United States as a nascent imperialist power which took the Philippines from Spain to be its new colonial master. Another imperialist power, Japan, was also able to set foot in the Philippines during WWII controlling the country for three years. However, its imperial army was almost defeated by the People Army against Japan. But again, US returned to re-establish its hold and set up its puppet regime to maintain its neo-colonial, imperialist control.

From 1946 to 2021, the Philippines has been ruled by US-sponsored regimes. These puppet governments ensured the continuous exploitation of its natural and human resources, become the dumping ground of finished non-industrial products and to serve as a strategic military outpost in the Asia Pacific region.

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IPAN Victoria Rally for Peace! Shirley Winton

End Australia's Involvement in US-led wars; No war with China

Shirley spoke on behalf of IPAN (Victoria). This speech was one of many delivered in Melbourne at Queen Victoria Market, 4 July 2021.

Shirley_W.jpg - 63.58 KBThank you for coming to this 4th July rally for peace – No Australian involvement in US-led wars – No war with China.

This rally is organised by Independent and Peaceful Australia Network – Victoria; and endorsed by Pax Christi, Melbourne Unitarian Peace Church Memorial, Maritime Union of Australia, Spirit of Eureka, Medical Association for Prevention of Wars, Health and Community Sector Union, Free Assange Melbourne, CICD, Earth Worker, Melbourne May Day Committee, PASA, Bayan, and many others.

I acknowledge that we’re on the stolen land of the Wurundjeri People of Kulan nation. We pay our respects to the First People’s culture, their elders' past, present and emerging.  Sovereignty never ceded, always was and always will be Aboriginal land.  Australia’s independence cannot be realised without genuine Sovereignty and a just Treaty with the First People.

Independent and Peaceful Australia Network is a broad national network of over 50 organisations and many individuals who’ve come together to campaign for an independent and peaceful Australian foreign policy, to end Australia’s involvement in US-led wars and the US-Australia alliance.  We call for the removal of all foreign troops and bases from Australia.   (Information table and if you want to find out more about IPAN.)

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The Spirit of Eureka Committee was established in the lead up to the 150th anniversary of the Eureka Stockade in 2004, to give a strong and united voice to the current struggles of Australia’s working people.

The Spirit of Eureka draws on the continuity and relevance of this important event in the history of Australia to present day endeavours and struggles for justice, democracy and sovereignty.

The Eureka rebellion laid the foundations for Australia’s continuing social, industrial and political struggles. It was advanced for its time and represents an important fighting tradition that continues to inspire our fight today.


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Driving Disunity Now a Free Book

When Lindy Nolan's 'Driving Disunity: The Business Council versus Aboriginal Community' was published in 2017, it lifted the lid on a network of corporate influence and control of First People's organisations and individuals. As publisher, Spirit of Eureka is pleased to republish this copy without charge. It may be quoted or shared, as long as the source is credited.

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