Australian Foreign Policy Becomes Even More Closely Wedded to the United States

by James O’Neill *

Originally published in the online magazine "New Eastern Outlook"

Collins_Sub.jpg - 88.67 KBAustralia has just confirmed that its allegiance to the United States exceeds its own interests, and even its relationship with other, previously friendly nations, such as France. The triggering point for this degradation of Australia’s position in the world was the decision, announced this past week by prime minister Scott Morrison, to ditch the planned purchase of French submarines and replace them with a nuclear-powered option from the United States.

The agreement with France has existed for several years, although the actual construction of the planned submarines had not actually started. They were not expected to become available to the Australian Navy for at least a decade, although there has never been a publicly available explanation as to why their construction should take so long.

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No Nuke Subs Adelaide Protest

by Stephen Darley


No_Nuke_Subs_SA.jpg - 72.06 KBWith the Morrison's government's decision to choose American nuclear submarines for the navy Australia has just confirmed that its allegiance to the United States exceeds its own interests.

There is a very serious and worrying consequence of choosing a nuclear submarine from either the United States or the United Kingdom. The British and United States versions of the submarines that Australia had agreed to purchase used a nuclear reactor that runs on highly enriched uranium (HEU 60%). Australia does not have the means to produce uranium at this level of enrichment. It means that in order to operate the submarines, Australia will be dependent upon the United States and the United Kingdom for that fuel.

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Covid in Prisons: Stories & Solutions - Online Zoom

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Covid_Prisons.jpeg - 45.40 KB
Simple solutions could have protected Australia’s dangerously increasing prison population. Instead, there’s lockdown for 23 hours a day. This includes many prisoners on minor charges or remand before trial.

Willei Coe is a Wiradjuri man from Cowra Erambie mission. He stands for Aboriginal rights and represents the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. His father Billy Craigie was one of the four men who started the Embassy. He will confront the billion-dollar industry destroying Aboriginal Peoples’ lives in prisons, how this is playing out during Covid, plus the struggle to reverse this disaster both in prisons and more widely in communities.

Greg Barns is a barrister and media representative of Australian Lawyers Alliance, and the Prisoners Legal Alliance and Prison Action and Reform Group Inc. His outspoken and common sense demands for prisons since the rise of Covid have resonated widely through the media and community.

Prisoners are locked away from the world. Let’s break those walls of silence!

Extra time for Q&A with speakers.
Join us next Thursday 30 September for an online forum on COVID in prisons. Please register in advance.
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
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The Spirit of Eureka draws on the continuity and relevance of this important event in the history of Australia to present day endeavours and struggles for justice, democracy and sovereignty.

The Eureka rebellion laid the foundations for Australia’s continuing social, industrial and political struggles. It was advanced for its time and represents an important fighting tradition that continues to inspire our fight today.


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To whom does the Eureka Flag belong, and why?

The article below was a presentation given to the executive of SA Unions. The executive endorsed the historical analysis and sentiments about the significance of the Eureka flag and the unfortunate misrepresentations of it by racists organisations.

Carboni Eureka bannerComrades,

I raised the matter of the Eureka flag at SA Unions Executive and believe we need to be able to answer the questions above.  A number of unions use the flag or have incorporated it in their logos and messaging, but it has also been associated with right-wing racists.

I am prompted to write this following the anti-racist rally at Parliament House on July 18.

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Driving Disunity Now a Free Book

When Lindy Nolan's 'Driving Disunity: The Business Council versus Aboriginal Community' was published in 2017, it lifted the lid on a network of corporate influence and control of First People's organisations and individuals. As publisher, Spirit of Eureka is pleased to republish this copy without charge. It may be quoted or shared, as long as the source is credited.

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