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Trashing Democratic Rights in Australia

Trashing Democratic Rights in Australia

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The Blood-for-Oil Iraq War needs a Public Chilcott-type Inquiry

by Bevan Ramsden

(Bevan Ramsden is a long- time peace activist and advocate for Australia’s national independence, an ex-member of the Coordinating Committee of IPAN, the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network and is currently editor of IPAN’s monthly e-publication, Voice.)

Chilcot Inquiry20th March,2021 is 18 years since Australia made the decision to join the United States in the disastrous war of aggression against Iraq. No Australian public Inquiry into the reasons and political responsibilities for that decision has been held and one is very much needed as war clouds are developing in South East Asia and a decision to join the US in another war may be around the corner.

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TAIWAN - “Don’t mention the other wars!”

by Humphrey McQueen

The China and Taiwan issue has aroused much debate and controversy. In the West, there have been plenty of accusations against China, in particular being undemocratic. However, the West is no clean skin and is itself guilty of deception, double standards, misrepresentation, and interference. Spirit of Eureka asked Humphrey McQueen to provide background information and a timeline surrounding the events of Taiwan's forced separation from China.

China and foreign devils

China TaiwanThirty years ago this May, the Taiwan regime ended its state of war with the Red Bandits ruling on the mainland since 1949. Ever since the Kuo Min Tung (KMT) escaped to Taiwan, the Western media have headlined threats of a Red Horde crossing the Taiwan Strait. How often are we reminded of aggressions in the other direction? Nor do we hear much about the place of Taiwan in 400 years of imperialist aggression towards China.

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"Paying to be exploited" - Inquiry into Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage



In this submission to the Senate Economics Reference Committee, Professor Clinton Fernandes contends that Australia has given away its valuable energy resources to foreign-controlled corporations for no return. He argues for a 4 point strategy to wrest back control of the nation's energy resources so the benefit stays here for the Australian people. What Fernandes explains in his submission highlights the fact that Australia has an appalling history of comprador behaviour by the country's political leaders. Not surprising when virtually all of them go into direct service of multinational corporations at retirement and are well remunerated for their Faustian service.

Inquiry into Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Amendment (Benefit to Australia) Bill 2020

Submission by Professor Clinton Fernandes, UNSW Canberra

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Biden’s foreign policy may be offering more of the same

by Stephen Darley

There are reasons why those who were hoping for reparations of U.S. foreign policy under Joe Biden's administration may be disappointed.

BidenMUCH OF THE AUSTRALIAN MEDIA is uncritically reporting a line consistently followed by the “liberal” mass-media in the U.S. – that President Joe Biden's administration will be substantially, even radically different in both foreign and domestic policy to former President Donald Trump's.

Biden's foreign policy would be different in form, no doubt less erratic and eccentric, though even that is mainly attributed to Trump's character rather than structural issues. That includes Trump's inconsistent protectionism and desire to withdraw from (some) foreign wars, in line with his election promises, butting heads with the dominant agenda of U.S. ruling elites, political and economic.

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