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The Long March to North West Cape 1974

In May 1974, hundreds of demonstrators traveled in convoy on a 7,000 mile (return) trip across Australia to North West Cape in Western Australia to protest against a remotely located US military base. Organised by the Campaign Against Foreign Military Bases in Australia it was designed to raise awareness about the consequences of nuclear war for the Australian homeland. The protesters decided to symbolically reclaim the base for the Australian people. They met with violent clashes with police along the way which came to a head at the entrance to the base.

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Spirit of Eureka Supports the Peoples Blockade of the OceanaGold Didipio Mine

Protest held at OceanaGold Offices 357, Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia, on 9 July 2019

This report was published on the Hiyaw website on 9 July 2019.

The local people around the area of the Didipio Gold-Copper mine in Nueva Vizcaya Province of the Philippines have set up a community barricade against the mine. So far they have had their barricade in place for about a week. A world-wide support network is now in place to support them in their just demand for OceanaGold to stop their mining operations completely.

Spirit of Eureka took part in this protest as part of global action in solidarity with the people of Nueva Vizcaya.

Ocean Gold Protest

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What’s Australia’s worst multinational corporation?

Take it or Leave itWho do you reckon is the worst Multinational Corporation operating in Australia? Spirit of Eureka NSW wants to know!

The Esso Longford strikers, CUB workers and Anti-Poverty Network have won the Spirit of Eureka Award in Victoria and South Australia, celebrating their stand against corporate bosses.

We want a twin award, calling out the crap that corporations get away with. 

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Australia’s Bob Hawke: Misunderstood in Memoriam

by Dr Binoy Kampmark

Bob HawkeWhat a cheeky way of going.  Death is rarely a matter of good timing but it can be part of a good career move or, as Robert J. Hawke’s passing might prove, the perfect conclusion to his political party’s attempt to reclaim office.  Having shuffled off his mortal coil a few days out of an Australian federal election, his Labor counterparts will hope so.

At a time when Australian politics suffers from dull atrophy and an entrenched dreariness, Hawke, virtue and vice, seems nostalgically stellar.  He cried on public occasions; he bellowed at his opponents with fury; and was fundamentally vulnerable to the usual failings: drink and women.  He wore his errors and his broken promises (with notable exceptions, particularly towards his treasurer and ultimate usurper, Paul Keating), lending himself to a whole assortment of descriptions. 

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National IPAN Conf - Darwin, Aug 2-4

Australia at the Crossroads: Time for an independent foreign policy

Is your IPAN-affiliated organisation sending a delegate or delegates to the Darwin Conference?

2019 IPAN Darwin Conference
This year's IPAN conference is being held in Darwin as it is the centre for the most recent establishment of a foreign troop presence in Australia with the numbers of US Marines planned to rise to 2,500 and an undeclared strength of US air-force at Tindal and Darwin and US naval forces using Darwin Harbour.

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