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Keep Australia out of US wars

Launch of a public campaignIPAN logo

“Keep Australia out of US Wars – A public call for an independent and peaceful Australian foreign policy.”

The Independent and Peaceful Australia (IPAN) and its affiliates are seeking your support in collecting signatures for a public statement to keep Australia out of US wars.   The statement will be circulated widely nationally, inviting people to sign and promote the call for an independent and peaceful Australian foreign policy.

John Pilger, the world re-knowned Australian journalist and film maker has already signed the statement, as have others.

It is planned for the statement to be published as an advertisement in mainstream media, once we have collected sufficient funds to cover advertising costs.

The statement will also be widely circulated on social media, on-line journals and independent news outlets.

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Workers struggling to improve safety on South Australian construction sites despite deaths

by Aaron Cartledge *
February 17, 2017

This article was first published in a local Adelaide newspaper. It is republished with permission of the author.

Aaron Cartledge and Pam Gurner-HallMASTER Builders Association chief executive officer Ian Markos has obviously not worked on a building site in South Australia lately and encountered a safety breach that might have endangered his life.

If he had, he might understand that safety and jobs are not separate issues but interconnected. Here’s how.

If Ian was working on a site and noticed a problem, unlike his counterparts in other states, he would not be able to invite a specialist OHS officer from the union or other organisations to assist in resolving the problem.

He would find that there’s no dedicated safety officer on site as there used to be for workplaces with 20 or more workers and that the person responsible is the project manager.

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26 January – or thereabouts

Humphrey McQueen, 19 January 2017

Authorised by the never-died collective

1988 Aboriginal ProtestsVox Pop illustrates that the most enthusiastic celebrants of Australia Day do not always know what happened on 26 January 1788 in Sydney Cove. Some think their holiday has to do with Captain Cook who had sailed past Sydney Harbour eighteen years earlier. Others run the event together with the creation of the Commonwealth from 1901 or wrap their flag patriotism around references to Gallipoli.

We should sympathise with these people. First, they either have been taught no history of this country or they have been told about it in ways that would make Abetz sound scintillating. Secondly, and more significantly, what is being commemorated is hardly memorable: the day on which Captain Arthur Phillip, ran up a flag at Britain’s newest trading post and naval refitting station. Compare that piddling performance with even the skirmish at Eureka and it is hardly surprising that Australians have trouble fixing on the actualities of 26 January.

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Red Armband View of History

 Collated and authorised by the never-died collective


Holden Car Bodies


Bank of New South Wales (Westpac) sets up under false pretenses.

21 December: Gov. Macquarie adopts the name ‘Australia’.


March: Federal Council formed.

Victoria imposes first tariff on imports.

Pacific islanders bought for £7.

17 June: birth of Henry Lawson:

"I was born on Grenfell Flat

And you can’t get over that..."

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26th January – It's illegal to celebrate Genocide

This article came from Sovereign Union

 Sioux Frontier Battle

by Ghillar, Michael Anderson 19 January 2017

Native Americans were successful in convincing one of the world's leading powers not to celebrate Columbus Day, the day that Native Americans argued began the changing of their whole world and the theft of their country.

The British used the now condemned Doctrine of Discovery in right of the British Crown to seize the land in the first instance. Then the Irish and some other convicts, who made up the American colonial penal colony, rose against the British by declaring that they were no longer going to be dictated to by King George III and thus began a revolution for independence. Because the British were fighting the American war of independence and Napoleonic wars at the same time, the planned date for Britain to invade Australia was set back.

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