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IPAN National Conference 2017

IPAN National Conference 2017

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Driving Disunity Sydney Launch

Spirit of Eureka has a new youtube channel. View its first video--the Sydney launch of Lindy Nolan's brilliant, thoroughly researched landmark book critiquing the Business Council of Australia's policy & activity towards the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Lindy's  book is a very well-documented and thorough study of the approach the Business Council of Australia has been using in the Aboriginal community, specially selecting and nurturing Aboriginal leaders that will promote the BCA agenda. As NT Australian of the Year 2013, Rosalie Kunoth-Monks said, "An incredible book...such deep and fearless truth."

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Bank for International Settlements and the Everest of debts

by Humphrey McQueen

A presentation given to Solidarity Breakfast on Radio 3CR, 9 JUly 2017

Ring of DebtAs promised last time, we’re going to look into the 2016-17 Report from the Bank for International Settlements.

Since we can’t assume that all our listeners have heard all our discussions over the past ten years, I’ll risk offending those who can remember every one of them by darting back to this time in 2007.


I’d stumbled upon the Bank’s Report for 2006-7. At the time, I didn’t know what the Bank for International Settlements was. We’ll say a bit about its history in a moment.

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The Honest History Book

This article came from The Honest History website

Honest History front coverAustralia is more than Anzac - and always has been

David Stephens and Alison Broinowski (eds) The Honest History Book New South 2017 PB 344pp $34.99

What the book is about

The Honest History Book is collective history written by 19 authors. It is an argument about Australia’s past, present and future (‘Australia is more than Anzac – and always has been’) and about the difference between history and myth (honest history is interpretation robustly supported by evidence, myth lacks evidence or distorts it). These are themes that the Honest History coalition and website have pursued for more than three years.

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Step Back from the Brink in Syria


Independent & Peaceful Australia Network media release 23 June 2017

US aircraft in Syria"The situation in Syria is deeply concerning, as the world edges closer to a military confrontation between the US and Russia.

"Such a confrontation, alongside the tension points in eastern Europe on the Russian border, makes the possibility of stumbling into an extended or even nuclear war closer than it has been for decades," says Annette Brownlie, spokesperson for the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network.
"This is reflected in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists recently moving their Doomsday Clock to 2-and-a-half minutes to midnight - the closest since the beginning of the full-scale nuclear arms race in 1954.

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