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Unemployed grill election candidates

By Pas Forgione, Adelaide

Unemployed grill election candidatesA meet the candidates meeting in Adeliade on June 18, hosted by the Anti-Poverty Network SA. Photo: APNSA

About 80 people attended a fiery, standing-room only, public forum on unemployment, hosted by Anti-Poverty Network SA on June 18 in Adelaide's northern suburbs.

In a twist to the standard election fare, candidates were required to spend the first half of the event listening to the honest, insightful testimony and views of job-seekers, sole parents, aged and disability pensioners, and others with direct, lived experience of being out of work and being poor, before participating in a Q&A.

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Miners and Aborigines on the goldfields: Carboni's Gilburnia and Aboriginal dispossession

by Don Longo

Carboni and Gilburnia

Gilburnia Book CoverRaffaello Carboni is known to Australians as one of the leaders of the Eureka rebellion and the author of the only complete eye-witness account of the dramatic events that unfolded at Ballarat in late 1854. Other aspects of his eventful and restless life are less remembered, such as his activity as a republican revolutionary in Italy in the 1840s, his wanderings across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, his work among Garibaldi’s Red Shirts and the Expedition of the Thousand in the 1860s. He also struggled to be recognised as a writer in Italy after he left Australia in 1856 until his death in Rome in October 1874, alone and penniless, aged 57.

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Stop the TPP

This article was a leaflet distributed by Spirit of Eureka - Victoria

Stop TPP Defend our livelihood, the environment and Australia’s independence

The Australian government is about to sell out our rights and livelihood, the environment and the little that’s left of Australia’s national sovereignty, to the profit-driven US multinational corporations and global banks.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a Free Trade Agreement devised by 600 of the world’s biggest corporations and the US government. It has little to do with trade but everything to do with unfettered profiteering by multinational corporations and foreign investment, and the increased exploitation of all workers and working people in the TPP countries.

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Australian Peace groups blame the USA for rising militarism in the South China Sea

This statement came from the Independent Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) website

24th February 2016

South China SeaNick Deane of the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) says, “Tensions in the South China Sea are being made much worse by the actions of the United States.”

Mr Deane continued, “Whilst some responsibility for the escalating tension in the South China Sea lies with China, a far greater role is played by the United States."

"The USA has an established string of military bases stretching from northern Japan, through Okinawa, South Korea, Guam, The Philippines down to Darwin (as the attached map shows). There can be no doubt that these bases are directed at China. They are highly confrontational. It is they that are the primary source of the tensions we now see rising."

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SA Groups launch No Dump Alliance

This article came from the No Dump Alliance South Australia

Following the recommendation of the Nuclear Royal Commission to pursue a high level nuclear waste dump in SA, Traditional Owners and representatives from health, union, faith, and conservation groups, and other prominent South Australians have responded by launching the 'No Dump Alliance.'


These Groups have signed a Statement of Concern that focuses on the following key issues:

  •  Lack of respect for Traditional Owners
  •  The legacy for future generations
  •  Public health and environment impact
  •  Financial risks

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