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26 January – or thereabouts

Humphrey McQueen, 19 January 2017

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1988 Aboriginal ProtestsVox Pop illustrates that the most enthusiastic celebrants of Australia Day do not always know what happened on 26 January 1788 in Sydney Cove. Some think their holiday has to do with Captain Cook who had sailed past Sydney Harbour eighteen years earlier. Others run the event together with the creation of the Commonwealth from 1901 or wrap their flag patriotism around references to Gallipoli.

We should sympathise with these people. First, they either have been taught no history of this country or they have been told about it in ways that would make Abetz sound scintillating. Secondly, and more significantly, what is being commemorated is hardly memorable: the day on which Captain Arthur Phillip, ran up a flag at Britain’s newest trading post and naval refitting station. Compare that piddling performance with even the skirmish at Eureka and it is hardly surprising that Australians have trouble fixing on the actualities of 26 January.

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26th January – It's illegal to celebrate Genocide

This article came from Sovereign Union

 Sioux Frontier Battle

by Ghillar, Michael Anderson 19 January 2017

Native Americans were successful in convincing one of the world's leading powers not to celebrate Columbus Day, the day that Native Americans argued began the changing of their whole world and the theft of their country.

The British used the now condemned Doctrine of Discovery in right of the British Crown to seize the land in the first instance. Then the Irish and some other convicts, who made up the American colonial penal colony, rose against the British by declaring that they were no longer going to be dictated to by King George III and thus began a revolution for independence. Because the British were fighting the American war of independence and Napoleonic wars at the same time, the planned date for Britain to invade Australia was set back.

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Australian military lets slip the truth about Indonesian military aggression

Bishop denies atrocities in West Papualate last year Indonesia temporarily suspended all military co-operation with Australia after a member of the Indonesian Special Forces, known as Kopassus, saw 'offensive training material' at the Special Air Service base in Perth.

The Indonesian army had officially sent a letter to Chief of the Australian Defence Force, Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin, in December ceasing military ties.

"All forms of co-operation have been suspended," Indonesian military spokesman Major General Wuryanto reported to the international media.

The falling-out was sparked by a grievance in November from an Indonesian military officer who was on exchange in Perth to teach Indonesian to Australian special forces.

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Centrelink robo-debt fiasco an attack on the poor

by Pas Forgione *

Not My DebtIt would surprise the federal Coalition government — that assumes we dislike welfare recipients as much as it does — that one of its biggest problems at the start of the year is the Centrelink debt fiasco.

Over the past six months, 170,000 people received debt notices from Centrelink, with the number gradually rising to 20,000 a week.

By comparison, only 20,000 debt notices were issued for the whole of 2015.

The government’s method of detection is to match Australian Tax Office (ATO) data with Centrelink data, and to use inconsistencies found to calculate how much welfare recipients were over paid.

Earnings reported to ATO are averaged out over 26 weeks by the government’s computers, and then compared with earnings reported to Centrelink. This is where the problems started.

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Pemulwuy's Journeys Art Exhibition

Pemulwuy's Journey

An exhibition by Michael Sagan, held October 28-30, 2016 at the StirrUp Gallery, Addison Rd Community Centre, Marrickville.

After discovering the story of Pemulwuy, Mick Sagan, a Sydney teacher,  painted scenes of this  black warrior journeys of resistance to British colonialism on his land.  Sagan understood Pemulwuy’s journeys were the pathways of his people’s, the Bidjigal, resistance to the theft of their land. Pemulwuy was a Bidjigal caradhy, a justice man, a clever man. His attacks on the British settlers were punishments for their violations of Bidjigal law.

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