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Film Clip: It's Time To Raise Newstart

A 60-person choir, which includes unemployed people, pensioners, single parents, and workers who believe in a “fair go” for job-seekers, has formed to rework the iconic “It's Time” theme song, used by the Labor Party and Gough Whitlam in the 1972 federal election. Drawing influence from the sentiment of the classic jingle, the choir released this music video to tell the nation that it’s time to take raise Newstart.

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Coles's plastic giveaway toys sparks outrage

by Lyn Longo

Coles CollectiblesA week ago, I spent some $60 ish at our local Coles and was offered two “Free Collectibles.” Thinking it was another desperate attempt to bribe parents and grandparents to shop there instead of Woolworths I accepted. The packs of animals they offered previously were reasonably informative for children and fairly innocuous if one remembered it was a ploy to beat the opposition.

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Keep Space for Peace

This article was a leaflet endorsed by a number of peace groups and handed out as a four-page A4 flyer at the Festival of Ideas in Adelaide, on our new Space Agency, Friday 13th April.

So now Australia has its own Space Agency …

Sapce War….... probably inevitable, given that every other OECD country, except Iceland, has one, and that we increasingly rely on the peaceful use of outer space as a resource for telecommunications, environmental imaging, etc. Humanitarian uses of these include weather forecasting, early warning systems for disaster management, and environmental resource management, such as food security.

But as with nuclear power and drone technology, peaceful and military uses are often interlinked, and the peaceful used as a cover for the military.

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The nuclear weapon ban treaty and North Korea

by Richard Broinowski *
Notes of his talk at the ICAN sponsored public meeting - "The Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty", held in Adelaide, July 7.

Where from Here on Disarmament? What was decided in Singapore? Does North Korea have to disarm its nuclear arsenal immediately, or gradually and sequentially as China suggests?

Will the US insist on complete, verifiable and irreversible (CVI) disarmament before even beginning to lift sanctions? The Chinese want sequential disarmament matched by a series of guarantees from the US.

Washington hawks want complete and utter disarmament before any sanctions are lifted. Only time will tell which occurs.

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Drop The Conspiracy Charges Against Witness K & Bernard Collaery!


by Andrew (Andy) Alcock
Information Officer
AETFA SA (Australian East Timor Friendship Association - South Australia)

Below is email sent out by Andy Alcock from AETFA. It comprises his letter to the editor of The Australian Financial Review followed by background information based on an abridged commentary from Matthew Aid.

Prosecution of Witness K and CollaeryHi friends

Many are asking why the ALP has been very silent on the issue of the Australian Government’s intention to charge Bernard Collaery and Witness K with conspiracy.

This article in Crikey might give us a clue:
We should not forget that former ALP (left???) PM Julia Gillard attacked Witness K when news first broke about Timor-Lester going to the International Court of Arbitration at The Hague.

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