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Keep Australia out of US Wars - Stay out of Syria & North Korea

Carl Vinson Strike GroupEvents have moved very fast since the bombing of the Syrian air force base, al-Shayran. IPAN (Independent & Peaceful Australia Network) media released a statement early Friday evening 8 April, within hours of US commencing their bombing attack on Syria. News just in reports that several U.S. war ships are moving towards North Korea.  Pine Gap military intelligence base just outside Alice Springs is reportedly on standby as US escalates tensions with North Korea. Australian media reported that the US has notified Australia that it is prepared to shoot down any missiles launched, potentially putting the Central Australian US spy base in the firing line as a target in the event of a major conflict. The situation is very dangerous, with the US positioning for a potential world war.

Latest on the public statement, Keep Australia out of U.S. wars - a public call for an independent and peaceful Australian foreign policy

To date over 200 signatures have been collected, including from John Pilger, Richard Butler (WMD-Iraq fame), Paddy Crumlin (MUA National Secretary), lawyers, barristers, unionists and many others.

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Syria - Stop blaming, stop bombing

This statement came from the Independent Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) website

Media release: Friday 7th April, 2017

Cruise missile launchThe Independent and Peaceful Australia Network urges Australian Government to work for a diplomatic resolution in Syria.

"The Australian government should adopt a policy of diplomacy to solve the ongoing conflict in Syria, rather than following the U.S. in escalating the conflict by missile or other strikes,"  said Jo Valentine, spokesperson for the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN).

“The U.S. air strikes have the potential to trigger a major world war engulfing many countries.

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Marx as a ‘dead dog’

by Humphrey McQueen

A presentation given to Solidarity Breakfast on Radio 3CR, 4 March 2017

Karl MarxIn introducing the second German edition of Capital, Marx refers to Hegel as ‘that mighty thinker’ who was being treated as ‘a dead dog’. Marx promises to distance himself that assessment by flirting with Hegel’s vocabulary. There’s never been a time since the publication of Capital 150 years ago this September when Marx was not also being dismissed as a ‘dead dog’.

The difference between the reputations of Hegel and Marx derives from Marx’s contributions to working people as an activist and as ‘the greatest living thinker’, to quote Engels at his graveside. Marx’s involvement with class struggles why ‘there’s life in the old dog yet.’ Yet his commitment to the weak and to the poor, to the oppressed and to the exploited, is also why forests have been felled to spread the allegation that Marxism is dead and ought to be buried along with him.

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The movie Pride: a reflection

by Peter Curtis
Australian Education Union Branch Executive member, A.C.T.

Pride(2014, 120 minutes)
Set in 1980s England, the film brings alive the true story of gay and lesbian activists who raised funds to help families affected by the British miners' strike. You can check out the trailer here.

I prepared this response in preparation for an event to be held by the A.C.T. Branch of the A.E.U.

Screening Pride as an A.E.U. event evokes the events that the film portrayed when a group of London gays and lesbians decide, not without internal dissent, to raise funds to assist miners in their struggle against Mrs. Thatcher’s shutting many of the nationalised pits in 1984. The Welsh village of Onllwyn on which they bestow their funds is not as ready as the Londoners had been led to believe. The arrival of the Sexual Revolution in a mini-bus is not the last tense interaction.

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Construction workers lead the fight!

This article was a "Stop the War on Workers" leaflet distributed by Spirit of Eureka in a number of capital cities, March 9th.


Construction Workers 2017

  • Fair Work Commission’s decision to cut Sunday penalty rates
  • Reintroduction of the ABCC
  • CUB dispute
  • China Australia Free Trade Agreement
  • 2016 Building Code…the list goes on!

All these attacks are aimed at one thing…destroying the hard fought for pay and conditions of generations of Australian workers, and their unions!

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