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Construction giant's crimes ignored

This article was a leaflet produced by Spirit of Eureka - NSW

Leighton Holdings paid no tax in 2013-14 on over $5 billion income. But Leighton has very dirty secrets besides tax dodging.

When Stephen Sasse, a former Leighton senior executive began investigating Leighton's international businesses, he found “an entrenched culture of wrongdoing”. (Senate Corporate Tax Inquiry 22/4/16)
  Whistle blower Stephen Sasse When he warned the construction giant’s board of bribery, corruption and fake agreements moving millions to foreign subcontractors, they didn't want to know, and he was 'pushed out'.

Leighton changed its name to Cimic Group in 2015, discarding a name about to be linked to tax evasion and corruption. Leighton/Cimic is one of the Business Council's biggest members, with operations in 20 countries.

Last year the government said letting the public know about corporations with more than $100 million income would “lead to kidnappings”, and tried to make laws to stop us knowing.

Mr Turnbull, like Mr Abbott, is desperate to bring back the Australian Building and Construction Commission to hammer building workers. It cost $164.5 million in its last

           Whistle blower Stephen Sasse

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Australia's Company tax cut a gift to US Internal Revenue Service

This article came from The Australia Institute

TAI company tax gift to USNew research, based on US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) data, shows that the proposed company tax cut would see the Australian tax system delivering billions of dollars to the US Treasury.

Australia and the US have a foreign tax treaty to ensure company profits are not double taxed. This arrangement means that companies pay the IRS the difference between the two company tax rates.

Currently the US rate is 35%, while Australia’s is 30%. If that difference grows as a result of a lower Australian rate, the IRS collects more tax at the expense of the ATO.

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For an Independent Working Class Agenda

This article was a May Day leaflet distributed by Spirit of Eureka in a number of capital cities

May Day Melb 2016

On May Day 2016 the Australian working class reflects on its achievements, won by its own hard struggle. But while giant corporations dominate Australian economic, political and ideological life, no victory for workers is ever permanent.

Both Coalition and Labor governments implement corporate control, and attack the rights of the Australian people. The organised working class is particularly targeted because it spearheads the struggle for a better future.

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Wave Hill strikers march in Darwin May Day

Wave Hill Section 2016 May Day Darwin

First Nation people who participated in the Wave Hill strike 50 years ago lead this year's May Day march in Darwin. It was one of the most important Indigenous working class struggles that few know or talk about.

The Wave Hill walk-off started in August 1966 when 200 Aboriginal stockmen, house servants, and family members walked off the job as a protest against poor wages and conditions at Wave Hill Station, about 600 kilometres south of Darwin.

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Tax must be paid where profits are made

Mossac FonsecaThis article was a leaflet distributed by Spirit of Eureka - NSW

Finally, truth is getting out. Recent leaks show:

  • 11.5 million secret files from just one company, Mossack Fonseca, which organises corporate tax avoidance in the British Virgin Islands where 500,000 companies are registered for a total population of only 20,000;

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