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No peace without independence!

This article was a Spirit of Eureka leaflet handed out at the IPAN (Independent & Peaceful Australia Network) National Conference 2017 held in Melbourne, 8-10 September.

End the US Alliance - an independent, anti-imperialist foreign policy for Australia!

Stealth Bomber

  • No US marines, no US bases!
  • Close Pine Gap spy base!
  • Australian military forces should be focussed on the defence of Australia, rather than acquiring expensive weaponary designed for inter-operability with US hardware and US regime-changing adventures in far-off wars.
  • An independent Australian republic that breaks free from US imperialism would be able to secure a peaceful and prosperous future with its Asia-Pacific neighbours through the promotion of fair trade, generous foreign aid and humanitarian assistance.
  • The anti-war movement can only achieve its aims through the mass mobilisation of the people and the building of a broad united front against imperialist. To this end, the contributions of all anti-war organisations, groups and individuals must be valued and respected.

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Banking on banks

by Humphrey McQueen

A presentation given to Solidarity Breakfast on Radio 3CR, 19 August 2017

Failed BankTwo weeks back, we sketched the core of Marx’s analysis of the financial system. Now, we’ll go around the world on a sixpence, as they say, looking for its weak spots. That is, where might the next financial crisis erupt?

We’ll divide our investigation into two. We’ll begin by looking at what the Central Banks have been doing. Then, we’ll look at how some of the commercial corporates are faring.

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History of the 1974 Flinders Uni Student Occupation

Slam the Exam

In 1974, student activists occupied the Registry at Flinders University, South Australia for 28 days during August. This was the longest student occupation of a university in Australia. Not even Governor Sir Mark Oliphant could persuade them to leave. In the film video, "Slam the Exam", memories, stories and original footage take us back to the heady days of 1970s. "Slam the Exam" was produced by Media students from Flinders University thirty years later, 2004.

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by Denis Kevans

Change the DateWith the recent controversy over colonial statues and the outburst of 'The History Wars', the poem Monuments by Denis Kevans puts into perspective that the current statues reflect the conquerors and powerful from our social system. The real monuments are the living monuments of peoples' struggles against the system of exploitation and dispossession.

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IPAN Media Releases on the U.S. Korean crisis

IPAN Media Release                                                                  11 August 2017

Pine Gap hardwires Australia into a Korean war

Pine Gap“Whether we like it or not, Australia would be dragged into a conflict on the Korean Peninsula because of the critical role of Pine Gap in US military operations against North Korea”, says Professor Richard Tanter, senior research associate at the Nautilus Institute and honorary professor in the School of Political and Social Sciences at Melbourne University.
“Given the geography of Korea and the decades of military preparations of both sides,” said Tanter, “we could become a participant in a war likely to result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Koreans, with a high likelihood of uncontrollable escalation to involve regional conflict.”

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