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Eureka Day Gala Dinner 2012

Book now to guarantee your place at the 2012 National Museum of Labor Gala Dinner in Ballarat.

Location: Function Hall, Art Gallery of Ballarat, 40 Lydiard Street, Ballarat.

Time: 7.00pm

Date: Saturday December 1, 2012

Be one of the first to view the recently restored original Eureka Flag.


Professor Andrew Reeves from Monash University.

Contact Kim Sattler to book your place.

Authorised by Kim Sattler, Chair, Board of National Museum of Labour Phone: 02 6247 7844 (


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Kevin Bracken speech at workers rally


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Education: the "last frontier" for News Corp

There's a new educational expert on the block. He delivered the 2008 Boyer Lecture, addressed the G8 on “Education the Last Frontier”, telling of the need for revolutionary change in our public schools. He explained his plans to Kevin in '07, and to Julia every year since. He introduced them to his guru Joel Klein, ex-head of NY schools who Julia dutifully wheeled around Australia in late 2008.

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Intervention toll rises, spreads to Sydney

The Northern Territory intervention has been a disaster for the vast majority of Aboriginal people. It's a grab for Aboriginal lands and the wealth that lies under them.

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