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The haves and have mores - a tale of corporate tax cuts

Wage CrisisThe Australia Institute, a progressive policy think-tank, pointed out recently that: "Over the last two years the average tax paid by the companies calling for the Senate to pass the tax cuts was 12.35%; half of them paid no tax last year."

As part of the campaign for the company tax rate to be reduce the from 30% to 25% the CEO of the Business Council of Australia together with 10 CEOs of  major corporations (BHP, Fortescue Metals Group, JBS Australia, MYOB, Origin Energy, Qantas, Wesfarmers, Woodside Energy, Woolworths) have ostentatiously declared in The Australian newspaper the following “Commitment to the Senate”:

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Refugees are Welcome - US Marines in Darwin are not!

This statement by Spirit of Eureka (Vic) will be distributed at Melbourne's Palm Sunday rally

Independence for Australia – Keep Australia Out of US wars

Give 'Em The BootWars of aggression, foreign occupations and ethnic cleansing – imperialism – turn tens of millions of ordinary people into refugees fleeing death, persecution and suffering.

The US is leading most of these wars today, directly or by proxy.

Successive Australian governments have been under the thumb of US foreign policies. Our military forces are deeply integrated into US global war plans and current wars.

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Eureka is the peoples’ flag

This article was produced by Spirit of Eureka (Sydney) and handed out as a leaflet at a rally of  CFMEU & other workers outside the Fair Work Commission Sydney headquarters in support of the locked out Port Kembla Coal loaders.

Photo by CFMEU

Illegal to fly the Eureka flag? There’s a political party headed by a former Nazi, gaoled for conspiracy to murder. Last year the Australian Electoral Commission said it could use the Eureka flag as its symbol in elections. Our beautiful flag that represented 21 nationalities at Eureka, handed to violent divide and conquer racists!

Yet the ABCC says it’s illegal for construction workers to fly the Eureka flag on their multicultural work sites because it’s the symbol of the Builders Labourer’s Federation. Remember when the BLF marched on insurance corporations who wouldn’t pay injured workers? The Eureka flag flew front and centre. Shock! Horror!

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Paying Tribute: Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in the US

by Dr. Binoy Kampmark

Trump TurnballVassals rarely question. If they do, criticism is limited and usually restrained behind closed doors.  The Australian Prime Minister’s visit to Washington during February was marked by the usual and expected kowtows, blessings and awkward acceptances.

The visit was also marked by what an Australian media outlet claimed was “Australia’s most significant delegation ever to visit the United States to build trade connections with US governors.”  Keeping Malcolm Turnbull company were four state premiers wishing to wade into the spectacle.

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ABCC and High Court criminalise unionists

Mid-February saw the Federal and High Courts, at the behest of the Australian Building Construction Commission (ABCC) and the Turnball government, hand down two damaging decisions against the Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union (CFMEU).  For carrying out industrial activity, such as union officers going onto building sites and organising strike action, which is normal union work the CFMEU has been hit with a $1 million penalty.

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