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We stand with Yuendumu

by Bryda Nichols

for the Worker Student Alliance

We stand with YuendumuThe following statement came from the WSA - Worker Student Alliance Facebook page

Rest in power Kumanjayi Walker. Rest in power to all our indigenous brothers and sisters that have been murdered in the ongoing colonisation of so-called Australia.

Last week WSA attended a rally in his memory. Walker was murdered in his home while his family were burying his uncle. He was murdered by a NT police officer who has since been charged with murder and is out on bail. Since then, the bourgeoisie media and corrupt police associations have been defending the character of a murderer thereby protecting the interest of the ruling class.

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Joan Coxsedge's Speech - 165th Eureka Anniversay

We share below Joan Coxsedge's address at the recent 165th Eureka Rebellion Anniversary Event in Melbourne. Joan was awarded the 2019 Spirit of Eureka Award for her tireless and unwavering dedication and work over more than 50 years for social justice, real democratic rights for the people and against imperialism and imperialist wars. We also share Spirit of Eureka's presentation address of the award to Joan, which contains some things that about Joan's life as an activist that she didn't touch on in her speech.

"Eureka Stockade Celebration" - Joan Coxsedge, 28 November 2019

I’d like to start with the story of two brothers who were involved in the Eureka Stockade.

One was my great-grandfather, Dan Hogan. Dan was born in Liverpool and in 1848 at age 16 was apprenticed into the Merchant Navy, joining the crew of the Mary Rae which sailed around the world.  He later joined the Royal Navy and served on the sloop Fantome  which took part in the Crimean War. The ship eventually sailed into Australian waters and in 1854 was moored in Port Phillip Bay when the Eureka Stockade erupted, triggered by the imposition of thirty shillings a month tax on the gold miners.  Able Seaman Hogan was one of the naval contingent ordered to march to Ballarat to ‘quell the trouble’.

On the opposite side of the conflict was his bother, Jeremiah Hogan, my great uncle, who was born in Killarney in 1826.  Jeremiah arrived in Australia in 1852 and was a miner at the Eureka Stockade. He was arrested and later released without charge, and spent the rest of his life in Ballarat, working as a tailor.

To complete the connection, I was born in Ballarat because my father worked in the railways.  But we didn’t stay long because the winters were too cold my mother said, so we returned home to Kensington, very working class back then. This was at the height of the Great Depression, a terrible time when unemployment peaked at over 35% with another third on ‘short-time’ when work was rationed to one week in three and wages were slashed. 

I was at primary school in 1937 when a severe polio epidemic - then called infantile paralysis - swept the state.  Picture theatres and schools were closed and lessons arrived by mail, with Victoria virtually quarantined from the rest of the country.  And then there was Black Friday, 13 January 1939, another date I’ll never forget. Streams and dams dried up and water was rationed, even in Melbourne. The temperature hovered for over 100 degrees for the entire week, but on that particular day, the mercury shot up to more than 114 degrees with humidity below 10 per cent accompanied by a stinking hot north wind, a diabolical combination. On that terrible day, separate fires that had been burning for days joined up into one ferocious holocaust of flame. Pieces of bark and ash covered our streets and the sun was blotted out under a cloud of dense smoke.  Scores of people died and entire townships were burned to a crisp. At its most intense the fire burned the earth itself.

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Anti-imperialist Vigil in Solidarity with Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua

Tuesday 19 November on the steps of South Australian Parliament House Stephen Darley, Convenor of IPAN(SA) spoke to a protest rally against the US conspired coups in Bolivia, South and Central America.

Bolivian Coup Adelaide Protest"I immediately assume the presidency of the State and I undertake to take all necessary measures to pacify the country," said Áñez in Bolivia.  The senator proclaimed herself president only with a minimum presence of deputies, all from the opposition.  She also declared “The Bible returns to the Palace,”  in an attack against indigenous communities. She made this clear: "I dream of a Bolivia free of satanic indigenous rites, the city is not for the Indians who should stay in the highlands or the Chaco". 

It is important to recall that Bolivia has suffered a series of coups, often conducted by the military and the oligarchy on behalf of transnational mining companies. Initially, these were tin firms, but tin is no longer the main target in Bolivia. The main target is its massive deposits of lithium, crucial for the electric car.

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165th Anniversary of the Eureka Rebellion Celebrated in Melbourne


Over 160 people, including unionists, community activists and Spirit of Eureka supporters gathered at the Maritime Union of Australia Hall in Melbourne on Thursday November 28, 2019 to commemorate and celebrate the 165th anniversary of the Eureka Rebellion.

Spirit of Eureka Co-convenor Dirk van Dalen opened proceedings with a speech highlighting the continuing relevance of the struggle for a truly independent Australia today. Next Clinton Fernandes, academic and author of books such as Island of the Coast of Asia and What Uncle Sam Wants, addressed the crowd with a thought provoking speech. Long-time unionist and working class activist Dave Kerin gave an inspiring speech about the state of the union movement today and how it might chart a way forward. Lastly, guests were left feeling inspired and motivated after long-time activist Joan Coxsedge spoke on her long history of struggle.

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Here come...THE SCUMMOS

Scummo AwardsCapitalism has crapped on this continent and its islands for too long, blaming everyone else for its stinking mess. Now its our turn! In a stinker of a system, NOMINATE YOUR LEAST FAVOURITE MULTINATIONAL CORPORATION HERE OR ON SPIRIT OF EUREKA'S FACEBOOK PAGE AND TELL US WHY.
Who’s cooking corporate books and hiding profits in Bermuda? Who’s demanding corporate welfare but ripping off the poor? And just who’s killing us with silica or selling us U.S. weapons to use in U.S. wars?

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