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Eureka: The Unfinished Revolution

Eureka: Unfinished Revolution


RRP: $49.95, Random House

The Eureka Stockade was Australia's answer to the Boston Tea Party, to the French people's storming of the Bastille. It was the moment when the diggers sense of outraged justice united them into a force that changed the course of Australian history.

It is considered a great Australian legend, and one that has enormous resonance in the 21st Century as Australians continue to discuss what our formal relationship with Britain, United States and other imperial powers should be.

Karl Marx followed it closely and wrote about it extensively, while Mark Twain described it as "the finest thing in Australasian history". It was a revolution - small in size, but great politically; it was a strike for liberty, a struggle for principle, a stand against injustice and oppression."

Peter FitzSimons - brings the whole story to life in his trademark fashion, making the reader feel like they're there, as the mighty Eureka flag is first raised and rebels swear allegiance to it; as the British red-coats first launch their attack, as the digger-rebels fight back in kind.

Follow this link to read a review of Eureka: the unfinished revolution.

Published by Random House, Peter Fitzsimons book is available in hardback and for e-readers.


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Stop Income Managment in Playford

In the Adelaide suburb of Elizabeth, the Stop Income Management in Playford (SIMPla) group have been campaigning against the implementation of one of the measures introduced by the Northern territory Intervention, Income Management into metropolitan sites around Australia.

Recently activists involved in the campaign have been working on collecting signatories to send an open letter to the Australian Government, and the response from the Elizabeth community has been good so far.

SIMPla has had supporters at community events recently leafleting, and have received a generally great response, except from Local MP Nick Champion!

If you would like to get involved with this, please contact Ben on 0400 878 322 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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No offshore processing

Bring your own creative signs and banners

Welcome Refugees

organised by the 

Adelaide Refugee Action Group

 For more info: Refugee Action Group
or call Paul 0416509140

5pm Friday December 7

Rundle Mall (by the mall's balls)

Show your solidarity with the refugees protesting and hunger-striking at Naura, Manus Island, Christmas Island, and throughout Australia's hellish refugee detention network


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Eureka Day 2012 Speech In Adelaide


Dr Don Longo, University of Adelaide.

Parliament House Steps, Adelaide,

Friday, 30 NOVEMBER 2012, 5.30pm






I see your wonderful flags with the Southern Cross today and I see a welcome sight. I see a powerful reminder of the rebels of Eureka and the values they stood for.

158 years ago, today, on 30 November 1854, also in the late afternoon, rebel miners, ‘armed men, sturdy self-overworking gold-diggers of all languages…’, as they were described by one of the participants, Raffaello Carboni, saw the same flag unfurled and put on a mast at Bakery Hill, where a solemn oath of solidary and resistance was pronounced by the miners’ leader, Peter Lalor. [Raffaello Carboni, The Eureka Stockade, Chap. XXXVII]

A Victorian poet, Kevin Hartshorne, writing on the rebellion last year, described the events at Ballarat in this way:

‘In 54 gold miners from many lands erupted

When the precious white peace was by turmoil disrupted

Miners flew a proud republican flag with its Southern Cross

Declaring they’d defend their barricades even at life-loss

And crying defiance of each vice-regal or police boss.’

[Kevin Harshorne, Thunder Down Under: A Verse History of Australia (K. Hartshorne publications, 2012), p. 53]

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Eureka 2012 Sth Aust Commemoration

Invitation to the 158th Eureka Day Commemoration

The main focus for this year’s Eureka commemoration will be Refugees and Asylum seekers. Don Longo, of Adelaide University, will give the 2012 Eureka Day speech which will focus on the meaning of Eureka today, particularly with respect to the issue of Refugees and Asylum seekers and the appalling treatment meted out to them. Especially the Federal Government's introduction of the legislation to excise the Australian mainland from the migration zone. Don's research speciality is the history around Raffaello Carboni, with a particular interest in the period that Carboni lived among the Tarrang people, an indigenous tribe in Victoria’s Loddon Valley.


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