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Driving Disunity Adelaide Book Launch

Speech given by Lindy Nolan at the Australian Education Union 17th November 2017

Nolan AEU DD LaunchI acknowledge that we meet on Sovereign Kaurna land, and pay respect to Elders, past present and future, and all Aboriginal People present. A huge thank you to Danny and the Aboriginal Education Committee, to John Hartley for his powerful speech and to Spirit of Eureka, especially Mike Willis.

This is an accidental book. It wasn’t one until a draft circulating amongst Aboriginal Peoples, was too big to staple. Noel Pearson and corporate education was my initial investigation, but remains unwritten, by me at least.  What I found instead floored me. I’ve been writing about the Business Council of Australia for years, and here was the BCA with huge, long-term plans being rolled out into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. And I’d known next to nothing about it. But Aboriginal voices, like Gary Foley’s, were saying “Someone ought to look at what corporations are up to!”  Land is what corporations are after, and they’re using people to people contact to rewrite their own story, as the good guys.

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INVITATION - 163 years Eureka Anniversary

Continuing the fight for workers' rights - celebrating the spirit of Eureka in Australia's working class struggles

2017 Eureka Anniversary
This year's Eureka Anniversary celebration is paying tribute to the Longford Esso (Gippsland) offshore maintenance workers currently engaged in a long battle with ExxonMobil, one of the world's biggest oil and gas multinationals (Esso's parent company), defending jobs and living standards of all working people.

The celebration will be attended by a delegation of Esso Longford maintenance workers, community and union members, and descendants of the Eureka Stockade rebellion.

The Longford Esso workers will be presented with the 2017 "Spirit of Eureka Award" in recognition of their courage and determination for more than 140 days on the picket line, fighting for all of us.

Be there and show your solidarity with Longford Esso maintenance workers continuing the fighting spirit of Eureka for justice in Australia's working class struggles.

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Thanks to MUA & Melbourne Tug Boats members

Shirley Winton addressed the Maritime Union of Australia - Victorian members meeting 31 October, on behalf of Independent and Peaceful Australia Network and Spirit of Eureka

MUA donation presentationIndependent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) and Spirit of Eureka extend sincere thanks to the MUA-Vic. Branch members and officials for your tremendous support to IPAN’s national conference and generous donations to IPAN’s work for an independent and just Australia.

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Six Sth Aust Councils support increase for Newstart

by Pas Forgione

Newstart Onkapringa

Outside new Newstart allowance increase supporting City of Onkapringa

Since the City of Port Adelaide Enfield publicly declared its support for an increase to Newstart in August, six more South Australian councils have joined the push to boost this meagre allowance.

ACROSS SOUTH AUSTRALIA, local governments are sticking up for their residents who are out of work and living in poverty, as part of a grassroots campaign led by Anti-Poverty Network SA (with support from SA Council of Social Service and Uniting Communities).

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US imperialism is the main obstacle to a free and independent Australia

This article came from the Vanguard website

by Nick G.

US Aust InvestmentThe size and scope of US investment in Australia, and the degree of subservience shown by our political leaders to US imperialism, confirms our analysis that US imperialism is the major obstacle to a free and independent socialist Australia.

In a recently released paper, the United States Study Centre at the University of Sydney does its best to portray the US-Australia investment relationship as one of “indispensable economic partners”. However, its own figures clearly show that it is not a partnership of equals.

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