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The forgotten fascists - and Menzies’ chosen people: Part 2

by Humphrey McQueen 18 May 2017

‘Pig Iron’ Bob hits the airwaves - Part II -  Follow the money

(For the 75th anniversary of the first of the Menzies addresses over Sydney radio station 2UE on 22 May 1942, Howard and his gang are in the business of promoting ’the greatest speech ever made in this country’.)

R G MenziesPart I documented the class bias in the eugenic underpinnings to Menzies’ ‘Forgotten People’ radio broadcast. Here is a further morsel: to say that the industrious and intelligent son self-sacrificing and saving and forward-looking parents has the same social deserts and even material needs as the dull offspring of stupid and improvident parents is absurd.

Here is the voice of privilege and entitlement which had found a scientific gloss in Eugenics as an ideological pillar for fascism to beat back proletarian challenges during the first half of the twentieth century.

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The forgotten fascists - Menzies’ chosen people

by Humphrey McQueen
14 May 2017

The Forgotten PeopleFor the 75th anniversary of the start of the Menzies radio addresses, Howard and his gang are in the business of promoting ’the greatest speech ever made in this country’. The fact that ‘The Forgotten People’ was not a speech but one of a series of wireless broadcasts is the least of their lies. Their Big Lie will be to conceal what their hero had dared to say.

Ming was trying to make a comeback after losing the prime minister in late August 1941. In the heat of the grimmest months of the war for the Pacific, Menzies diverted attention from the fight against Nazism and Japanese militarists to peddle the fascist ideology of eugenics.

To say ‘fascist’ is not abuse but an objective assessment of the mentality of those times. Ros Pesman Cooper documents how swatches of the middle-class throughout the 1920s ached for a strongman of their own’ – a Britisher, of course, not a wog or wop. (‘ “We Want a Mussolini”: Views of Fascist Italy in Australia’, Australian Journal of Politics and History, 39 (3), 1993, pp. 348-66.) Reminding students of this heritage is not part of the national history curriculum.

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Radicals' Rage

by Don and Lyn Longo

There are many things about our liberal, consumerist and bourgeois society that drive us to anger, and even rage. And on a daily basis. Here are some of these things. It’s an open-ended list, so we urge you to add to it with your own grievances. I’ve tried to categorise them under headings, though there is a lot of overlap between the categories. They are in no particular order.

3CR Vic(Geo)politics

  • Mr Harbourside Mansion – all front and no substance.
  • The malcontent of the privileged.
  • Nonsense about the death of ideology, used as an effective way of hiding ideology.
  • The Left is ‘ideological’ or ‘extreme’; the Right is ‘sensible’ or ‘pragmatic’.
  • The way gossip replacing politics, and personal stories are replacing ideology.
  • Wealthy ex-politicians who tell you that the age of entitlements is over.
  • Salaries of judges and politicians are increased periodically, but if there’s talk of the basic wage or pensions increasing, we’re told the economy can’t afford it.

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Perfecting Trickery: The Referendum Council

 This article came from Sovereign Union

No Consent

 Front left to right: Delegates - Serena Williams, (Ngunnawal), Lidia Thorpe (Gunnai and Gunditjmara), Jenny Munro (Wiradjuri), Linda June Coe (Wiradjuri), George Coe (Wiradjuri) and Observer Ruth Gilbert (Wiradjuri). This image taken after they and others walked out of the National Referendum Council meeting at Uluru in disgust at the procedures and gagging.

 Media Release

On his return from Uluru, Ghillar, Michael Anderson, Convenor of the Sovereign Union, last surviving member of the founding four of the Aboriginal Embassy and Head of State of the Euahlayi Peoples Republic, details the rigged processes of the Referendum Council's National Convention and the subsequent media:

"I was absolutely shocked and horrified at the disjointed discussion that occurred on ABC TV Q&A last night ( 29 May 2017) from Parliament House, Canberra.

In my opinion the conclusions that occurred at the Referendum Council's National convention at Uluru were totally betrayed by the Q&A panel.

Having been permitted to sit as an observer in the main National Convention of the Referendum Council at Yulara near Uluru, I was privy to observe the proceedings and I sat through the 'Synthesis' of the Regional Dialogues and what they called the breakout workshops as well, where the key topics were 'The Voice', 'Treaty', 'Strategy'.

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No Australian Involvement in U.S. Wars of Aggression

This article was a leaflet distributed by Spirit of Eureka at May Day rallies in a number of capital cities.

No Aust Involvement in US WarsWe're living in dangerous times, under the cloud of a major world war with devastating consequences for people and the environment.

The U.S. has put the world on a course of a major world war.  Military, economic and political tensions between the world’s big powers are building up rapidly in the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and east Europe, threatening all-out war.

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