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ESSO/UGLy Dispute Australia - #600 Days

600 Days and counting the ESSO/UGLy Dispute continues!

The 11th February 2019 marks 600 days since the members of the ESSO/UGLy Dispute in Longford Australia took action against EXXON MOBIL & UGL/CIMIC. On this day (600 days ago) a picket line was established and has remained 24hrs per day, 7 days per week ever since. Please share our video with your family & friends to show your solidarity & support to those who have already given up so much in order to Stand Up & Fight Back for workers rights worldwide.

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A Malpractices Commission - Part One: Hands in the till

The first of a three part series of articles by Humphrey McQueen

A Modest Plea to Commissioner Hayne


The more shock-horror headlines tumble out of your investigations into the financial sector, the more we citizens are distraught because our regular consolation is denied us: what’s happened to that One Rotten Apple in the barrel? The best that the system’s defenders have managed is to picture the financial sector as one big rotten apple at the core of an otherwise healthy system of free enterprise.

Adam and Eve tasted the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and were made to earn their keep by the sweat of their brows. We already carry that penalty. Denied the opioid of the One Rotten Apple, Mr Commissioner, we will be able to tell the Devil Incarnate from his One Rotten Apple. Please, Mr Commissioner, spare us such anguish.

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Témoin oculaire - Venezuela...I witnessed - Venezuela

My experience! April 11, 2002

Vlaudin Vega is a survivor of the Chilean coup of September 11, 1973. He has lived in Australia since then, but has sometimes travelled back to his South American homeland. This is his eye witness account of the failed coup against Hugo Chavez’ Government in 2002.

It is quite obvious that these words about Venezuela and the events of 11th of April 2002 are subjective and a personal interpretation of my experience around Miraflores (district of the historic presidential palace) on this important day.

After expending a few months with comrades from another South American country, Mr. Fox[i], a puppet of the United States and breaking with the Mexican tradition of being pretty much neutral or supporting progressive movements not only from Latina America but from the world, told our comrades that they had to leave. I and other comrades had no option but to depart from the Mexican city. Comrades were directed to go to different countries and I was asked to go to Venezuela.

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Oppose weapons export & subsidisation by the Australian Government

MEDIA RELEASE                                   
20 February 2018

IPAN Statement - Oppose weapons export & subsidisation by the Australian Government

Saudi Air StrikeThe Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) representing a cross section of community organisations across Australia opposes the government decision to fund and promote the export of weapons.
There is nothing admirable about aspiring to be in the world’s top 10 arms exporters.

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Honest Government Ad | Australia Day Satire

This video came from Juice Media

Juice Media on behalf of the Australian Government has made an ad about Australia Day and it's surprisingly honest and informative. We hope you enjoy the satire.


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