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Global Day of Action No War on Iran – 25 January, Melbourne

The following Speech was given by Shirley Winton, a member of IPAN (Independent and Peaceful Australia Network)

No war on Iran MelbWe acknowledge we’re on the stolen lands of the Wurundjeri people, Kulin nation.  Sovereignty was never ceded – always was always will be Aboriginal land.   We pay our respects to First People’s elders past, present and emerging.

Across the world, hundreds of peace, anti-war and anti-imperialist people’s organisations are gathering today holding rallies in cities and towns demanding no US war on the people of the Middle East.

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No war on Iran rally in Melbourne

 Gurpreet SinghWorker Student Alliance member Gurpreet Singh speaks out against the US imperialist war in Iran. He calls for workers all around the world to unite against oppression and the profit-driven violence of the military-industrial complex.

"It is basically clear to me, that for the US and their imperialist mates that keep on bombing middle east countries - for bosses and capitalists - killing brown people and damaging the earth for oil is a profitable business, alright? It’s like Wu-tang said, right: “cash rules everything around me”. They’re doing all this for money; its capital that’s the problem here."

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Unity the key as we reflect on January 26

By Lindy Nolan

Invasion Day 2020January 26 has become a day to take stock.

British Captain Arthur Philip did not land on what became Australia on January 26. As historian Humphrey McQueen points out, numerous other dates have been celebrated as founding days.

In this year’s Sydney Festival, Iron in the Blood by Jeremy Rose, told in music, film and spoken words, the history of class brutality he’d learned from Robert Hughes’ The Fatal Shore. Hughes’ history of the British colonies more than rivals Game of Thrones in its brutality. This history is absent from the narrative most hear on January 26

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No war on Iran rally in Adelaide

Saturday 25 January, 1 pm, War Memorial, Corner North Terrace and Kintore Avenue

by Phil Davies (On behalf of Anti-Imperialists for Syria and the Stay Human Project – Adelaide)

Phil Davies No War on Iran RallyWho here has personally experienced bullying? Who of you have seen your friends, workmates, children, or vulnerable kids in the playground bullied? Bullying is totally unacceptable and we, as humane people, as civilised people, reject this behaviour in our communities without hesitation and put in place laws, protocols, procedures and education campaigns to prevent it.

Why then, when we witness bullying on a massive scale against whole nations – as is happening right now in Iran, in Syria, in Palestine and in Yemen – why then are the leaders and media in our so-called “civilised” society deathly silent?

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Honest Government Ad | How Good is Australia Satire

This video came from Juice Media

Juice Media on behalf of the Australien Government has made a new tourism ad, and it's surprisingly honest and informative! We hope you enjoy the satire.

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