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SA Unions protest against imported products

With the recent loss of jobs at auto makers Holden, workers and their unions took a swipe at the State Government and protested against overseas products being used in taxpayer-funded building projects.

Union leaders told a workers rally, held on 12 April, at the SA Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) that the use of Australian materials in government projects would be an election issue in both the state and federal elections.

The speakers pointed out that the new Royal Adelaide Hospital, SAHMRI, Adelaide Oval and Adelaide Convention Centre use imported materials. Aaron Cartledge, state secretary of the CFMEU highlighted the fact that the "entire facade of the SAHMRI was manufactured in China".

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State government could spend $50m on workers, not Holden

From SA Unions website


SA UnionsSouth Australia's peak union body says Holden should stick to its agreement on jobs or say no to the $50m promised as part of the State Government's assistance package for the carmaker.

SA Unions State Secretary, Janet Giles says if Holden won't hold up their end of the bargain and guarantee jobs, they should not be rewarded with more taxpayer's money.

"The SA Unions Executive met this morning and passed a unanimous resolution condemning General Motors Holden for their decision to cut jobs."

"We are now calling on the State Government to reassess its commitment to this company and redirect that planned $50m package of assistance to workers."

Ms Giles says unions want the money to be redirected to helping Holden workers who will lose their jobs.

"It should now be spent on up-skilling and retraining Holden workers so they can find jobs in other industries, and to go towards developing a sustainable manufacturing base for South Australia."


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Thieves dump Labor

by Spirit of Eureka NSW

This article was originally a leaflet given to teachers from across NSW at a monthly NSW Teachers Federation Council meeting

NSWTF rallyAttacks on workers and unions are increasing. Institute managers try to lock Federation organisers out of TAFE colleges, Campbell-Newman wants to compel employers to take legal action against striking unions, and giant corporations are resurrecting feudal laws to hammer workers. BHP hit the MUA with a $16 million claim under one of the ancient Tort Laws, covering personal damages, for a four hour stoppage. Grocon is going for $6 million from the CFMEU, and the Victorian Government for $2 million, over a safety dispute where a worker has since died. Freehills tested the waters on picketers with the Tort law of “watching and besetting” in the same dispute, but didn't proceed. An anti-worker armoury is growing, both through parliament and independent from it.

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Employers are mis-using 457 visas

From Victorian Trades Hall Council website


By Brian Boyd, VTHC Secretary

Posted: 7 March 2013
Victorian unions, many from the construction and manufacturing unions held a successful rally today in Melbourne over many Victorian employers rorting the federal Sec457 Visa-Program. Speakers highlighted how many overseas workers are ripped off and how local unemployed workers are being by-passed for work.

Victoria has seen over 35,000 jobs lost in construction and manufacturing alone, over the last year.


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Action alert: rally to end waterfront deaths

Action alertJoin the Maritime Union of Australia's nationwide rallies opposing the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry who are leading the charge against waterfront safety.

The MUA calls on concerned members of the community to rally at major cities and ports on Tuesday 26 March to demand a National Stevedoring Code Of Practice and oppose ACCIs profit before life view of the world.


Click on the following link to find out more about this campaign from the MUA website:


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