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Australia Screens Australian Stories Campaign

The Australian screen production industry has launched a new campaign to protect 'Australian Screens, Australian Stories'.

They are justifiably opposing Minister Conroy's sweeping regressive changes to local content sub-quotas for Australian TV drama, children's and documentary programming.

The campaign urges Australians to get behind Australian artists and support "meaningful local content regulation."

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Bugger the bankers

In the current era of austerity measures and bail outs - it's time to say "Bugger the bankers and politicians." This great song by the Austerity Allstars really says it all!

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Independent and Peaceful Australia Network Statement





Ten years ago in February 2003, unprecedented numbers of people joined the largest demonstrations in recorded history to oppose the invasion of Iraq. They were right; there were no weapons of mass destruction and war was not the answer.

Learning from recent history, we, the undersigned call for an independent and peaceful Australia. We are concerned about developments that appear to jeopardise Australia’s friendship and cooperation with nations in our region. In particular, we are concerned about the basing of foreign troops on Australian sovereign territory.

We are opposed to the stationing of US marines in Darwin; the presence of the Pine Gap surveillance facility; the use of West Australian naval facilities by US warships and the possibility of US military aircraft and warships being stationed at Stirling in WA or the Cocos Islands.

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Let's spread it around

The Queensland and Western Australia branches of the Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union (CFMEU) launched a national advertising campaign, in Brisbane and Perth on January 28th, to demand a greater share of the mining boom. The campaign focuses on maintaining jobs for Australian workers, more investment in mining communities and improved management of the impacts on manufacturing and construction.

The campaign is called, “Let’s Spread it Around” and focuses on the stories of four Australians and how the mining boom has impacted on them. The CFMEU launched a dedicated website to provided facts about what is really happening in the mining industry and what the mining monopolies are up to. The site address is:

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Eureka: The Unfinished Revolution

Eureka: Unfinished Revolution


RRP: $49.95, Random House

The Eureka Stockade was Australia's answer to the Boston Tea Party, to the French people's storming of the Bastille. It was the moment when the diggers sense of outraged justice united them into a force that changed the course of Australian history.

It is considered a great Australian legend, and one that has enormous resonance in the 21st Century as Australians continue to discuss what our formal relationship with Britain, United States and other imperial powers should be.

Karl Marx followed it closely and wrote about it extensively, while Mark Twain described it as "the finest thing in Australasian history". It was a revolution - small in size, but great politically; it was a strike for liberty, a struggle for principle, a stand against injustice and oppression."

Peter FitzSimons - brings the whole story to life in his trademark fashion, making the reader feel like they're there, as the mighty Eureka flag is first raised and rebels swear allegiance to it; as the British red-coats first launch their attack, as the digger-rebels fight back in kind.

Follow this link to read a review of Eureka: the unfinished revolution.

Published by Random House, Peter Fitzsimons book is available in hardback and for e-readers.


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