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Action alert: rally to end waterfront deaths

Action alertJoin the Maritime Union of Australia's nationwide rallies opposing the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry who are leading the charge against waterfront safety.

The MUA calls on concerned members of the community to rally at major cities and ports on Tuesday 26 March to demand a National Stevedoring Code Of Practice and oppose ACCIs profit before life view of the world.


Click on the following link to find out more about this campaign from the MUA website:


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Venezuelan Revolution Lives On

ChavezThe Spirit of Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution lives!

President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez passed away recently as a result of cancer, which he fought for almost 2 years. He was the much loved, popularly-elected leader of his nation who achieved an enormous amount for the Venezuelan people. That is why the Venezuelan masses chant, "We created Chavez, we are all Chavez!" at memorial meetings throughout the country for their deceased leader.

This people’s hero oversaw the nationalisation of the country’s oil wealth, the breaking of the US’s dominance and exploitation of the Venezuelan economy; which lead to hostility from Venezuelan business elites, US and Western multinationals and governments whose corrupt exploitation he put a stop to.

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Australia Screens Australian Stories Campaign

The Australian screen production industry has launched a new campaign to protect 'Australian Screens, Australian Stories'.

They are justifiably opposing Minister Conroy's sweeping regressive changes to local content sub-quotas for Australian TV drama, children's and documentary programming.

The campaign urges Australians to get behind Australian artists and support "meaningful local content regulation."

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Iraq War vet condemns a sick and violent system

Vincent EmanueleVincent Emanuele is from the Iraq Veterans Against the War, who now campaigns against United States military aggression. He recently visited Australia to promote the documentary film On The Bridge which follows seven returning service men and women.

This is an edited version of a speech that he gave to a forum hosted by the Marrickville Peace Group, the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network and Stop the War Coalition in Sydney on February 26.

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Bugger the bankers

In the current era of austerity measures and bail outs - it's time to say "Bugger the bankers and politicians." This great song by the Austerity Allstars really says it all!

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