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Indigenous Australia's Survival Day - 26 January

Adelaide - Tandanya
Survival Day
26th January 2014

Survival Day, an important date as we gather together to not only celebrate and commemorate the history of our people but to also acknowledge and strengthen the present and future of our culture. 

Survival Day is a FREE EVENT that offers entertainment, presentations, information, workshops and much more to ensure that the community is strengthened and empowered with all that we come together and stand for.

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Tunnerminnerwait & Maulboyheenner commemoration in Melbourne

TM poster

This year marks the 172nd anniversary of the execution of the two Freedom Fighters; Tunnerminnerwait & Maulboyheenner. They were executed on 20 January 1842 on the corner of Bowen & Franklin Sts Melbourne. 3CR will be broadcasting the commemoration live on Monday 20 January from 12 - 1pm on 855AM, digital and streaming. There will be special guest speakers hosted by Joe Toscano from Anarchist World This Week, plus an open mic session. After the broadcast, the commemoration will walk silently from the execution site to Tunnerminnerwait & Maulboyheenner's last resting place at the eastern end of the northern wall that divides Melbourne's Queen Victoria Markets. So listen in or come along and be part of the commemoration and broadcast. If you are joining the commemoration, please bring flowers.

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Class struggle in 2154 AD: Elysium

Film review by Don Longo

(iMax 2013, Dir. Neill Blomkamp)


Nothing changes. The future is like the past, only worse. Humanity is irremediably divided. Power is in the hands of a ruthless oligarchy. Equality is forgotten. Liberty is meaningless. Highly developed technology gives life to the few but brings repression and death to the many.

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Climate change - no more half measures

A Spirit of Eureka leaflet distributed at the GetUp! rallies, November 17.

Real, Threatening – and Avoided by Labor and Liberal

Climate change vulnerability

Climate Change (CC) is real and threat-ening, and neither the Coalition govern-ment nor the Labor opposition have policies which will do much about our contribution. The Coalition is worse, but the ALP is also so lacking in real com-mitment that the difference is far smaller than the rhetoric suggests. As al-ways, the effects of global disasters like CC are imbalanced: the poor suffer much more, whether in the develop-ing world or in the advanced economies most responsible for CC. Unless that imbalance is recognised and fully com-pensated for, policies to deal with CC will be resented and deniers will have fertile ground for their lies.

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Beneath the froth - The real agenda leading up to the September 7, 2013 Federal Election

Brian Boyd

By Brian Boyd, Victorian Trades Hall Council Secretary

6 August 2013

VTHC This article came from the VTHC site

Millions of words, kilometres of video and countless photos appear in the mass media constantly depicting the antics of our federal politicians of all persuasions. The first half of 2013 has been particularly obsessive.

Jibes and counter-jibes, differences often separated by a millimetre, are analysed to death. Personality traits, what clothes certain parliamentarians wear, even down to tie colours, are given exaggerated coverage. Cartoons lampoon individual characteristics.

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