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Pine Gap – the dark secret in our centre

Pine GapThe Pine Gap facility was at the heart of the dismissal of the Whitlam Government in 1972

There is a tragedy hidden in the heart of Australia. On ancient, remote Aboriginal lands, a cluster of strangely shaped buildings squat in an extraordinarily remote area. For decades these buildings, and those who work within them, have silently been at the center of a killing spree.

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Don't sign the TPPA - Defend Australia’s sovereignty and our democratic rights!

This short article was handed out as a leaflet at rallies that were recently held in cities around the country against the TPPA.

TPP Protest CanberraThe TPPA (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) is a so-called ‘free’ trade agreement vigorously pushed by the US and its multinational corporations on Australia and 10 other Pacific Rim countries.

The US driven TPP is only about giving multinational corporations more freedom to exploit people and plunder the environment. 

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Battles for the past, struggles for the future: Some recent books on China


Dr Don Longo

Battle for China's PastEditorial note: In light of the current United States military build up in the Asia Pacific region which is aimed squarely at containing China, the brief reviews below of recent books on China is timely. Australia, being a willing client state, is deeply immersed in the US 'Asia Pivot' strategy by hosting American troops and numerous other military facilities. The contention between these two powers inevitably generates acrimonious diatribes between the two countries and their political systems. The West puts immense effort into demonizing China as a communist police state whilst it considers that the capitalist market economy offers the Chinese the possibility of 'freedom'. There are a great number of analyses of China's political and economic history, strategy and potential. These reviews, presented by an academic in the field, offer thoughtful judgement on the contentious information and analysis being published about China.”

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Peace Convergence Conference

peace convergence

Peace Convergence Conference organised by the Independent and Peaceful Australian Network
April 20 – 25 2014 Canberra, 2014

IPAN is a network of organisations and peace activists from all regions of Australia who are united by our support for an independent Australian foreign policy based on peaceful resolution of conflicts.

Conference: April 22nd 2014 Canberra
“Towards a Peaceful and Independent Australia”

Prior to the conference IPAN together with Unions ACT will have an Information stall at 18 – 20th April Folk Festival,    contact Kim Sattler

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Eureka Dinner speech – Humphrey McQueen

McQueenSydney, 29 November 2013

First, I’d like to thank the organisers for giving me this chance to catch up with old friends and make some new ones as I have been doing with Dale Dengate. The contribution that John made to this event over the years and to so many progressive causes led me to reflect on the significance of singing for a democratic polity. As we have just felt, these gatherings are brought to a new pitch by singing ‘Solidarity Forever’. There is something radically wrong with a society in which your best chance for belonging to a choir is to attend a posh school or to be long-term unemployed and homeless.

Music played a central role in the Melbourne commemorations for the 150th anniversary in 2004 with the staging of Eureka – the Musical at the Princess Theatre. For my money, the most memorable song was ‘That’s what women do’. Now Clare Wright has shown us how much more they did – and still do.

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