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History of the 1974 Flinders Uni Student Occupation

Slam the Exam

In 1974, student activists occupied the Registry at Flinders University, South Australia for 28 days during August. This was the longest student occupation of a university in Australia. Not even Governor Sir Mark Oliphant could persuade them to leave. In the film video, "Slam the Exam", memories, stories and original footage take us back to the heady days of 1970s. "Slam the Exam" was produced by Media students from Flinders University thirty years later, 2004.

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IPAN Media Releases on the U.S. Korean crisis

IPAN Media Release                                                                  11 August 2017

Pine Gap hardwires Australia into a Korean war

Pine Gap“Whether we like it or not, Australia would be dragged into a conflict on the Korean Peninsula because of the critical role of Pine Gap in US military operations against North Korea”, says Professor Richard Tanter, senior research associate at the Nautilus Institute and honorary professor in the School of Political and Social Sciences at Melbourne University.
“Given the geography of Korea and the decades of military preparations of both sides,” said Tanter, “we could become a participant in a war likely to result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Koreans, with a high likelihood of uncontrollable escalation to involve regional conflict.”

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Driving Disunity Sydney Launch

Spirit of Eureka has a new youtube channel. View its first video--the Sydney launch of Lindy Nolan's brilliant, thoroughly researched landmark book critiquing the Business Council of Australia's policy & activity towards the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Lindy's  book is a very well-documented and thorough study of the approach the Business Council of Australia has been using in the Aboriginal community, specially selecting and nurturing Aboriginal leaders that will promote the BCA agenda. As NT Australian of the Year 2013, Rosalie Kunoth-Monks said, "An incredible book...such deep and fearless truth."

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IPAN National Conference 2017

IPAN National Conference 2017

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The Honest History Book

This article came from The Honest History website

Honest History front coverAustralia is more than Anzac - and always has been

David Stephens and Alison Broinowski (eds) The Honest History Book New South 2017 PB 344pp $34.99

What the book is about

The Honest History Book is collective history written by 19 authors. It is an argument about Australia’s past, present and future (‘Australia is more than Anzac – and always has been’) and about the difference between history and myth (honest history is interpretation robustly supported by evidence, myth lacks evidence or distorts it). These are themes that the Honest History coalition and website have pursued for more than three years.

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