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Thanks to MUA & Melbourne Tug Boats members

Shirley Winton addressed the Maritime Union of Australia - Victorian members meeting 31 October, on behalf of Independent and Peaceful Australia Network and Spirit of Eureka

MUA donation presentationIndependent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) and Spirit of Eureka extend sincere thanks to the MUA-Vic. Branch members and officials for your tremendous support to IPAN’s national conference and generous donations to IPAN’s work for an independent and just Australia.

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US imperialism is the main obstacle to a free and independent Australia

This article came from the Vanguard website

by Nick G.

US Aust InvestmentThe size and scope of US investment in Australia, and the degree of subservience shown by our political leaders to US imperialism, confirms our analysis that US imperialism is the major obstacle to a free and independent socialist Australia.

In a recently released paper, the United States Study Centre at the University of Sydney does its best to portray the US-Australia investment relationship as one of “indispensable economic partners”. However, its own figures clearly show that it is not a partnership of equals.

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Oily Sam Griffith’s moment of truth

by Humphrey McQueen

A presentation given to Solidarity Breakfast on Radio 3CR, 30 September 2017

Samuel GriffithSamuel Walker Griffith is known today from a NSW country town, an inner Canberra suburb and a Queensland university. The more politically aware might recall that he drafted the Commonwealth Constitution in 1891 and became the first Chief Justice in 1903, having served as Premier of Queensland and its Chief Justice from 1893. His progressive 1900 Criminal Code was adopted around the Empire in the Pacific, Africa, on Cyprus and for Palestine.[1]

Since 1992, Griffith has been the patron saint of the constitutional monarchists in a Society named after him. Its membership overlaps with that of the union-bashing H.R. Nicholls Society. Neither of those bodies cares to be reminded of what Griffith got up to in 1888-90.

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North Korea Peace talks opportunity

 This information came from the Independent & Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN)

Letters to PM, Foreign Relations Minister, Shadow Prime Minister and Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister

Following the publication in the press ( SMH 20/10/17) of the letter from the Foreign Relations Committee of the Democratic Republic of North Korea to Parliaments around the world including Australia, there appears to be an opportunity for Australia and other nations to pursue talks with North Korea. IPAN has been urging peace talks rather than confrontation  and escalation on the Korean peninsula and so it is appropriate to send the letters below urging the government and the opposition  to take advantage of this new circumstance and seek peace talks with North Korea and possibly diplomatic representation in North Korea.

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For Peace, Justice and Independence

End the U.S.-Australia alliance

This article was a recent Spirit of Eureka leaflet

Cartoon Aust Dragged by Uncle Sam

We live in a world under a permanent threat of major wars with devastating consequences for the people and the environment.  These dangerous times call for a broad and united peoples’ movement for global peace, justice and mass mobilisation against foreign military bases, foreign troops and imperialist wars. 

In Australia, it is more urgent than ever to call for an end to Australia’s subservience and complicity with U.S. wars, and to promote an independent foreign policy that builds peace, justice and independence from big powers.

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