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Withdraw from the US Alliance - Yankee warmongers go home!

In opposition to the US, UK and French, 14-4-2018 missile attack on Syria, an urgent protest was held in Adelaide that afternoon. Below is a speech given by a Spirit of Eureka representative.

US attack on Syria protest Adl 14-4-18The US, UK and French forces missile attacks against supposed Syrian chemical weapons sites and military installations is a criminal act with the potential to ignite an international conflagration. The US's unwillingness to wait for an independent investigative team from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), to inspect the site of the alleged attack in the Jihadist-held town of Douma last week more than suggests that the chemical attack was a fabrication.

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Science Under Siege

 This article was produced by Spirit of Eureka (Sydney) and was handed out as a two-page A5 flyer at the March for Science rally on Saturday 14th April.

In 2018, the attack on science throughout the Western world is continuing unabated. Massive political interference is rife against scientists and science whose conclusions might reduce multinationals’ profits. In Australia, irreplaceable CSIRO scientists such as Dr John Church, an expert in sea-level rise, lose their jobs.

Meanwhile, the Federal Coalition and Queensland Labor governments line up behind the proposed Adani Coal Mine, a major threat to Australia’s biodiversity, peddling the anti-scientific “clean coal” theory. They willfully ignore scientific research showing that burning fossil fuels—coal or gas—emits toxic and carcinogenic substances into our air, water and land.

In July 2017, a damning report from the Black-throated Finch Recovery Team was submitted to Federal Environment Minister, Josh Frydenberg. Dr Tony Grice, chair of the team, said: “Adani’s Carmichael mine will destroy a large part of the best remaining habitat for the Black-throated Finch… Losing this rich habitat would be a major blow to the chances of the bird surviving.”

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The haves and have mores - a tale of corporate tax cuts

Wage CrisisThe Australia Institute, a progressive policy think-tank, pointed out recently that: "Over the last two years the average tax paid by the companies calling for the Senate to pass the tax cuts was 12.35%; half of them paid no tax last year."

As part of the campaign for the company tax rate to be reduce the from 30% to 25% the CEO of the Business Council of Australia together with 10 CEOs of  major corporations (BHP, Fortescue Metals Group, JBS Australia, MYOB, Origin Energy, Qantas, Wesfarmers, Woodside Energy, Woolworths) have ostentatiously declared in The Australian newspaper the following “Commitment to the Senate”:

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Screen Actors, directors call on government to "Make it Australian"

Make it Australian bannerIn late March a large number of high-profile film and television figures signed and presented an open letter insisting that the Turnball Coalition government bolster local content rules for television and increase tax breaks for movie producers. The letter also appeals for Australian content rules to be widen and include new media such as streaming services Netflix and Stan.

The "Open Letter to Federal Parliamentarians" states:

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Refugees are Welcome - US Marines in Darwin are not!

This statement by Spirit of Eureka (Vic) will be distributed at Melbourne's Palm Sunday rally

Independence for Australia – Keep Australia Out of US wars

Give 'Em The BootWars of aggression, foreign occupations and ethnic cleansing – imperialism – turn tens of millions of ordinary people into refugees fleeing death, persecution and suffering.

The US is leading most of these wars today, directly or by proxy.

Successive Australian governments have been under the thumb of US foreign policies. Our military forces are deeply integrated into US global war plans and current wars.

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