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Statement: Support the Palestinian people in their struggle against annexation and Israeli occupation

Spirit of Eureka, 1 July 2020

Spirit of Eureka strongly condemns the plans of Israel, its Zionist colonial government and its US imperialist backers, to annex the settlements illegally occupying Palestinian land in the West Bank on July 1.

 This latest action is a continuation of the policies of the Zionist state project which since its inception in 1948 has systematically and ruthlessly attempted to impose its racist colonial regime on the Palestinian people and their homeland. It has done this through the illegal occupation of Palestinian land, turning it into an apartheid state that denies the sovereign and human rights of the Palestinian people, and enforces this regime through systematic terror, destruction of homes, and the use of violence with impunity.

 In the UN, Australia slavishly toes the line set by US imperialism. Australia was one of only two countries, along with the Marshall Islands, both reliable lackeys of the US, to vote against a recent resolution condemning the planned annexations in the West Bank. We demand that the Australian government end its support for the crimes and human rights violations committed by the Zionist government of Israel, and to stand with Palestine and the Palestinian people.

We express our solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle for national liberation, and call on the Australian people to support their just cause.

Stop the annexations and end the occupation!
End Australian government support for Israel!
Victory to the Palestinian people! Free Palestine!

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Does Australia Need Independence From the USA? On-Line Forum 4th July

 Webinar 3

Invitation to join an online forum and discussion, "Does Australia Need Independence From the USA?"

Saturday 4th July, at 4 pm (3.30 pm Adelaide time).  July 4th is US Independence Day.

The zoom webinar forum will discuss the political, economic and military relationship between Australia and the USA.

Speakers:  Prof. Clinton Fernandes,  Dr. Margaret Beavis, Denis McNamara (Spirit of Eureka and CFMEU-NSW delegate). Speakers' details below.

To join the Zoom Webinar click the link:   

Also LIve streamed via Facebook -

Contacts - 0417 456 001; 0476 234 232; 0412652227

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United States - a repressive police state and Australia mimics its master

Murder of George FloydMillions of people around the world have come out in protest to support the Black Lives Matter cause after witnessing the enormous protests in the United States against the sinister murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis by the city's police. These protests have now swelled into uprisings in at least 70 cities throughout the US after their violent suppression by the police.

Australia is no different. Whist the numbers may be smaller here, black deaths by militarised and racialised police are all too common occurrence in both countries. Since the 1990s Australia has seen 434 black deaths in custody and that is merely the ones that have been counted.

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Covid-19 - The call for ‘independent’ enquiry by Morrison/Payne deserves scrutiny itself…as does the rise of the pro – war hawks in Australia

by Brian Boyd, June 2020

The question of how the ‘call’ by Australia for an independent, international enquiry about the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic came about, back in April, is worth inquiring about itself. At first blush it is a reasonable proposition for the world to want to learn all about how this pandemic began. However ALL of the circumstances that led to its breakout need to be explored and evaluated, not just what happened at a specific location, in one country and in a short timeline.

The ever-growing, dangerous US conflict with China is making it very difficult to put such an important task in a proper context. Now that the world health assembly (WHA) has agreed that the world health organisation (WHO), with universal support, is to carry out an investigation, the role of Australia, in this issue deserves to be considered with a critical eye. Australia’s credibility globally is on the line, with many commentators subsequently coming out, saying it looks like our government was simply a surrogate for US foreign policy.

There is no doubt that one of the issues for the upcoming WHO co-ordinated enquiry would be the way the initial breakout was handled and came about.

But the core issue for the investigation is far more serious. It is the revelation that there has been long-term global negligence of pandemic scientific research over many decades.

There has not been a lot of coverage to date given to the fact that the world health organisation-WHO-had already established a group of public health experts back in 2015 (that included US and Chinese scientists) to investigate and draw up a list of dangerous viruses, specifically those with no vaccines or drugs available.

Surely this issue merits far more focus than the squabbling between the two economic superpowers.

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A concrete floor a cell door and John Pat

by Lindy Nolan

10 March 2019

Leetona DungayWhat sorry choices parliamentary elections offer. NSW has one on the boil and another to follow federally.

Parliament isn’t a democracy. Whatever the aspirations of a few well-meaning politicians, parliament manages capitalism for corporations.  ‘Governments’ come and go, but the system remains.

This doesn’t mean politicians can’t do any good, but that parliament is part of the deceptive apparatus of capitalism, just like Murdoch’s media empire. It’s a shadow democracy, which puts the demands of foreign-controlled corporations and their Australian collaborators, like Gina and Twiggy, above all else.

Always has been, even when the forces of the people were strong enough for Gough Whitlam, the superhero of corporate-aligned Aboriginal activist Noel Pearson, to ride into office on giant waves of struggle.

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