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Workers' struggle must go beyond parliament - May Day Leaflet

 The following is the text of a recent leaflet produced by Spirit of Eureka and distributed at rallies around the country for May 1, May Day, or International Workers Day

Workers' struggle must go beyond parliament!

What is the situation that workers find themselves on May Day 2021? It is one of desperation! Before the pandemic the economy was already in a slump, which Covid-19 accelerated into a crash.

• Millions lost jobs

• Millions lost hours and had their incomes cut

• Many used-up their savings and paid leave

• 3.3 million people spent their super

• Many forced onto charities to survive

The Morrison Government was forced into implementing JobKeeper and JobSeeker primarily to keep business afloat during the pandemic/economic crisis. Now the Coalition Government has cancelled JobKeeper and slashed JobSeeker payments. Millions of workers now face insecurity, homelessness and destitution. To add insult to injury the Coalition, on behalf of big business, is trashing the hard won workplace rights, pay and conditions.

A decent Australian economy would guarantee workers’ rights; safe permanent jobs; sustainable green industries; manufacturing enterprises that stay in the country; and public ownership of key industries. The Coalition openly opposes workers and their unions, whilst Labor pretends to represent them and fears mobilising workers for a real fightback.

Australia’s working-class can’t rely on parliament and main political parties to win any gains. There is a crying need for an Independent Working Class Agenda, where workers organise and mobilise themselves nationally and collectively to fight back. Campaigning around employment, housing, health, education, childcare and transport are important issues for working people. It’s Time for workers to win!

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(Vietnam) Moratorium Now! - Adelaide Book Launch 18 April 2021

Lynn Arnold, Chairperson of the 1970's Vietnam Moratorium Campaign in Adelaide and former Premier of South Australia, launched the book "Moratorium Now! Memories of Protest Against the Vietnam War in S.A., 1965-72". The launch was held at the Box Factory in the city of Adelaide. This book was the compilation of the conference held on the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War Moratorium Campaign in South Australia, held in Adelaide, Sunday, 20 September 2020.

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Book Review: Moratorium Now!

by Dr David Faber

This timely publication of the acts of a 2020 Adelaide conference celebrates the 50th anniversary of the September 1970 Moratorium March through Adelaide.  This was the peak moment of anti-imperial resistance to the Vietnam War in South Australia 1965-72.  A mass political stratagem born of the initial minority status of opposition to the war, the movement made current and fashionable a latinate word in calling for a pause to the fighting in Vietnam.  It is typical of Adelaide’s political culture, vibrant since `systematic colonization’ in 1836, that South Australia, admittedly less Covid-challenged than other States, has hitherto been the only one to commemorate these years of protest.

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Nimble Failure: The Australian COVID-19 Vaccination Program

by Binoy Kampmark

“I am not going to be talking about numbers today,” Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly told Australia’s Radio National on April 12.  This echoed suggestions from the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, who had adopted the position that Australia best forget meeting any clear vaccination targets.  Having left battling the pandemic to State governments, the Federal government has found itself unable to execute its program, if one dare call it that.

Part of the monumental failings of the government can be put down to its stubbornness in prioritising the use of one vaccine.  AstraZeneca was meant to be the vaccine wonder, the Godhead, the miraculous deliverer.  CSL, Australia’s only vaccine manufacturer, was given the task of producing the majority of 54 million ordered doses at its Broadmeadows factory in Melbourne.  Many of those now risk being essentially useless.

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War Talk - State of Play

By Brian Boyd

(February 2021)

Brian is former Victorian Trades Hall Council Secretary with a long history of advocating for Australia's independence from US.


____  _____

2020 ended with an ever evolving pre-war scenario still in play.

The possibility of outright military conflict between the US and China has increased in probability from around 10% a decade ago to as high as 50% in 2021. Some commentators are suggesting that a trigger could be a miscalculation in the South China Sea and even a new “disruptive US military technology” (1) coming into play.

The recent change to the formal political leadership in the United States does not detract from the main dilemma facing the world, the ongoing and intensifying great power rivalry that could lead to open conflict.

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